3 Benefits of Owning a SUV

Sports utility vehicles are an extremely popular form of transport for millions of car owners around the world. In America alone the demand for such vehicles has resulted in SUV production accounting for 8.8% of the total light vehicle market in 2021. In many countries, SUVs are used for a wide range of reasons. They can simply be a vehicle that is used for the school run or to go shopping, but some models of SUV allow the owner to drive off road thanks to the four-wheel drive options on some models. If you are considering purchasing your next vehicle, you may have already investigated the SUV market. This can be especially true if you are looking to upgrade your existing vehicle for a larger one. This article explains three key benefits of owning a SUV.

Improved driving position

For millions of SUV owners, one of the key attractions of the vehicle is its improved driving position. Many SUVs are considerably larger than a standard car and tend to be higher off the ground as a result. The cabins tend to offer a much improved view of the road and surroundings. This can be a great asset in terms of safety as the driver can gain a clearer picture of the road ahead by being able to see further into the distance. Conversely sedan vehicles or compact cars are much lower to the ground. It can be difficult to see in front of other vehicles when in traffic if you own such a vehicle. Put simply, in an age when the worlds roads are becoming increasingly busy, having an improved driving position can be far more beneficial in terms of driving safety and deciding on the ideal route to take.

Healthy secondhand market

Thanks to the popularity of the type of vehicle, there is a healthy secondhand market for SUV type vehicles. A quick online search can find owners who are looking to sell Range Rover SUVs along with all other brands and models. The large variety of vehicles on sale in this sector of the car market is great news for the buyer. As a rule, when any market has a large quantity of similar items for sale, there is greater competition on price. This can mean that a good quality used SUV can be purchased for a fraction of its original price when it was brand new.


Another key point in SUV ownership is the sheer practicality that comes with driving such a vehicle. Many people like to do their weekly shop on a weekend and most SUVs feature large capacity in the back to store shopping. The larger size of many SUVs means that an entire week’s worth of family shopping can be purchased in one trip. In addition, owning such a vehicle allows family adventures or road trips to take place with ease. Larger SUVs can seat six adults comfortably and often feature generous legroom thanks to their floor pan dimensions. Also for road trips that involve taking rough tracks, the four-wheel drive function on some vehicles and lower gear ratios make tackling rocky winding routes and inclines easy. The four-wheel drive design of many SUVs also makes them the perfect vehicle for icy and snow-covered roads in the winter months.

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