5 Best Golf Courses in Australia

The club and ball sport known as golf is a famous game played in different countries. Although it might seem like the sport is lowkey in Australia, this place offers wonderful scenery you can enjoy while playing golf. The different golf courses in Australia offer a wide diversity of scenes. If you plan to play golf in Australia, you must learn of the different courses deemed the best in this country.

This article will discuss the five best golf courses you can play exclusively in Australia.

1. Kingston Heath Golf Club

The Kingston Heath Golf Club is located at the Sandbelt in Melbourne. This golf club has a prestigious reputation earned through its excellent conditioning and manicuring of fairways. Besides its beauty, this course offers plenty of challenges to every golfer. The course contains an 18-hole course featuring the tactical implementation of dips, hollows, and the like. 

This place has been able to host multiple national and international golfing events. These events include known events such as the Australian Open, Women’s Australian Open, and Australian Masters.

2. The Barnbougle

The Barnbougle, located at Bridport, TAS, is a golfing course that houses two properly made and contrasting 18-hole link layouts. These two layouts are the Dunes and the Lost Farm. This golf course has consistently been ranked among the best golf courses playable in Australia. Besides the Dunes and Lost Farm pair, a 14-hole course joins the two courses, delivering gorgeous coastal views.

3. The Royal Melbourne Golf Club

The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is a prestigious golf club that is the most recognized in Australia. This golf club contains two golf courses, the east and west courses. Scottish architect Alister Mckenzie was the one who designed the Royal Melbourne Golf Club.

 He designed the course strategically, considering the members’ age group and disadvantages. He built a course that offers challenge and enjoyment for golf players of different skill levels.

4. Eynesbury Golf Course

This golf course is one of Australia’s top 100 golf courses. The critically acclaimed Graham Marsh designed the Eynesbury Golf Course, creating a modern golf course to join one of the many courses in the country. This golf course offers an 18-holes course that involves a challenging and fun game of golf open to all players. 

You can check out https://eynesburygolf.com.au/ to learn more about membership and events on this golf course.

5. The Lakes Golf Club

The Lakes Golf Club is one of the country’s most distinguished private golf clubs in Sydney, Australia. This place is just 15 minutes from Sydney’s city center and borders the Botany Aquifer and Wetlands area. This place has wildlife present and provides hazards in the course.

For a challenge in this course, the Lakes Golf Club has the famous water carry in the par five fourteenth hole, the biggest in the course. For private golf players, this golf club is a must-try in Australia.


If you are an avid golfer, you should try to go to the wonderful golf courses in Australia. While other countries offer a variety of amazing golf courses, this country does not fall short with its availability of golf clubs as well. Various golf courses offer beautiful sceneries and challenging courses for every golfer, and these five are one of the top courses Australia offers.





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