5 Reasons why used cars are better than new ones

Wichita houses more than 391k people, which keeps on growing every year. The average income in the region is around fifty thousand U.S. dollars, which is less than the income in top cities.

As per the reports, individuals need the same amount of money to purchase a brand-new car this year. Though the cost is high, people can’t compromise on owning a car. From work to holidays, every household needs a good hatchback. Buying a new car can cause financial concerns, which is why most individuals prefer purchasing pre-owned vehicles.

Many dealerships also offer used cars for sale in Wichita, allowing people to invest in a car without worries. Pre-owned vehicles are affordable, and there are many perks to buying one. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of buying a used car.

Save money  

The cost of pre-owned vehicles is 50% lesser than brand-new models. It will be easier for individuals to pay off their debts or loans. Car owners switch vehicles after five years, allowing you to buy a less used hatchback at an affordable price. Instead of paying thirty to forty thousand dollars on a new model, you can opt for an old and used model for half the price you will be paying for a new hatchback.


A vehicle’s value diminishes after every month and mile, but at least forty percent of the value depreciates in the first year itself. For instance, a car worth $20,000 values only $17,800 once it leaves the showroom. The depreciation of a new vehicle doesn’t cease there and continues for a long time.

The depreciation rate is very much slower for pre-owned hatchbacks. You can browse through the options in used cars for sale in Wichita and check the hatchback’s value. You will be astounded by the prices of vehicles that cost more in showrooms.

No additional fee concerns

You will pay exaggerated shipping charges, destination fees, advertising costs, and more when buying a new car. You can avoid these costs when purchasing a used car.

You will receive the car pricing sans the hidden fees, but it is vital to pay the doc fee. A reliable dealership in Wichita will levy reasonable charges, so research before visiting the dealership.

Less personalization cost

When purchasing a pre-owned car, there is no need to compromise on the upgrades, which are usually costlier for new vehicles in the market. You can save money by purchasing the old car and splurging on the add-ons which you desire to install in the vehicle.

Affordable insurance premiums

An insurance company will pay only what the car is worth at the time of the accident, regardless of age. Moreover, the pay won’t cover the lost cost due to depreciation. Though you can prefer gap insurance, it will enhance the premium charges. However, gap insurance is not essential for a used vehicle as the depreciation has already occurred in the first year of car ownership.

A new car purchase is costly, from high down payments to depreciation and maintenance. Used vehicles are a much more affordable option for individuals, and thousands of dollars can be saved. Individuals need to perform proper research and buy valuable pre-owned vehicles. A reputed car dealership will offer a used model worth all your hard-earned money. There are many dealers in Wichita, and it is your responsibility to find a reputable retailer for purchasing used cars.

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