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5 Things To Know About Before Buying a Used Truck

Egg Harbor City, with a population of 4396, has a median household income of $46,917. Since most people in the township fall under the lower middle-income group, there is a huge demand for second-hand cars. Furthermore, buying a versatile vehicle is also another important consideration.

So, people first look for used trucks for sale at egg harbor that are sturdy enough to meet everyday needs and last long. But before you buy a used truck, you must do some research and then sign the dotted line.

Following are some things that you should know to make an informed choice. Read on for the details.

1. Types of pickup trucks

Truck buyers have a wide range of options for crew-cab and extended-cab body styles, drivetrains, and engines. The three categories of pickup trucks are:

Midsize pickup trucks

Midsize pickup trucks will be your best bet for the least expensive option. You can get a range of V6 and four-cylinder engines in these trucks. 

Full-Size pickup trucks

Full-size pickup trucks are the best-sellers in the US market. These trucks have higher payload capacity than midsize trucks and can be the perfect substitute for a family car. The engine choices may range from turbocharged four-cylinder engines to V8s and hybrids.

Heavy-duty pickup trucks

Heavy-duty trucks are the largest consumer pickups and often carry specific numeric designations. These trucks can muscle heavy loads and have excellent towing and hauling capabilities. So, these can be perfect for your most demanding chores.

2. Cab size

Egg Harbor has an average car ownership of one car per household. So, the decision of vehicle purchase should be made with thorough consideration of various factors.

When looking for used trucks for sale at egg harbor, try extended cabs instead of regular ones to have roomier accommodation. You can even replace your family car with a pickup truck where you can configure three passenger seats in the front. However, rear seats can be a little cramped for adults but are acceptable for children. Hence, assess your needs carefully to have the right seating space in your truck.

3. Bed size and other accessories

The bed size or the open cargo space is vital if you want to accomplish serious chores like moving bulky furniture, equipment or tools, appliances, snow blowers, motorcycles, trash, and manure. So, your pickup truck can efficiently perform the role of a working truck if you need to move goods or work at construction sites.

In addition to bed size, you should also pay attention to bed accessories like LED lights, stake pockets, tailgate steps, and tailgate releases. For added protection, you can also use drop-in and spray-in liners during hauling.

4. Engine and fuel economy

Different pickup trucks have different drivetrains and powertrains. You can get four-cylinder engines and V6s to even V8s. In smaller pickups, you get four-cylinder engines with a fuel economy of 25mpg. Full-size trucks have V8 engines with a fuel economy of 20 mpg. However, heavy-duty trucks offer lesser fuel economy and usually range between 14 and 16 mpg.

5. Towing capacity

Pickup trucks are excellent for hauling cars, campers, utility trailers, and tow boats. So, a midsize truck can be a good choice if you need to tow about 4000-5000 pounds. You need a full-size truck to haul anything between 9000 and 12000 pounds and a heavy-duty truck for an even higher load.

While you look at the features mentioned above before making your truck purchase, don’t forget to take it out for a test drive. It is not enough that your vehicle ticks all the right boxes during the inspection but also feels right during the ride. This way, you can detect if there are any questionable elements in the truck and save both your time and money.

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