5 Tips Every Cavapoo Trainer Should Know

Cavapoo puppies are new to the world and are learning new things every day. They all learn in different ways due to their intelligence, environment, and temperament. There are many ways you can improve your puppies training experience from proper socialization to consistent training of simple commands. Teaching these things to your puppy will make them more friendly and obedient throughout their life. If you are a Cavapoo breeder, showing your customers that your Cavapoo puppies for sale are trained will put you above your competitors. 

You will want to begin training your puppy at around 8 weeks of age. This gives them enough time to develop while also ensuring they are capable and aware enough to participate. You will be able to train them in the basic training commands including stay, come, and sit. Training them with these commands will set them up for success further along in their lives. 

  • Implement Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the act of giving rewards for completing a task rather than a punishment for disobeying. Studies have shown that positive reinforcement is more effective with humans as well as dogs. Never abuse your dog especially while training them. This will cause them to lose trust in you and fear you. It may also cause the dog to become shy or aggressive. 

Implementing the positive reinforcement method starts with understanding which rewards work best for your Cavapoo. Some puppies will prefer specific dog treats and some may love lunch meat or pepperoni. This may take some trial and error but as you gain more experience it will become natural. 

  • Short and Sweet Training Sessions

Puppies have a reduced attention span and are bundles of energy. Your training sessions should be short and sweet at around 15 minutes each session with 2 sessions throughout the day, generally before they have eaten. Each session should end on a positive note even if they didn’t perform well as this will encourage them for sessions in the future. 

  • Consistent Trainings

Consistency with your training sessions is key to keeping your puppy focussed and engaged. You should start with one command and add new commands as they become familiar with previous commands. Each command should be given with the same words and hand signals every time. Repeating the commands like this will ensure that they don’t forget or become confused. Training at the same time every day is also a great idea for new puppies, but you will want to expand to other times as they begin to master the commands. 

  • Multiple Environments

Training your puppy in multiple environments after they’ve mastered the basics will ensure that they will obey you no matter where they are. You can do this by taking them to a new park or a friend’s house. You may need to allow some time for them to sniff around and familiarize themselves with the locations but this is a great way to further your puppies training. 

  • Be Very Patient

Because puppies start running and playing much sooner than humans, it is easy for us to forget how young they are. They are going to make plenty of mistakes and while this can be frustrating, it is very important to exercise patience and calm. If you display your anger and frustration to your puppy they will sense it which can cause their training to be hampered. 

Using the tips mentioned above such as consistency and positive reinforcement will give you the best chance of having successful training sessions. When things don’t go as planned you can take the opportunity to improve your patience. An angry and frustrated trainer leads to a disobedient puppy and can ruin all of your hard work. 


Obedience training is great for any age or breed of dog. They are active creatures that love bonding with their human companions and training is the perfect opportunity for this. A well behaved pet is something we all want. Implementing the tips we’ve mentioned above will improve your experience of owning a dog. Training a dog isn’t easy but it is definitely worth it. 

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