7 benefits of Smart locks

Smart locks have arrived to make our lives easier, with these new technologies we no longer have to worry about having endless keys or stress because we forgot to lock the doors and forget the nightmare of being locked out of the house. Not to mention the most important part, which is the high level of security they offer. If you still don’t feel confident about these new systems, here are several advantages that will make you say “yes” to this new technology. 

It has memory for 50 passwords

There are locks that have systems that allow you to manage more than one password, in fact, they can have up to 50 different codes so that each of your family members has their own unique access that allows them to enter when they need to and you no longer have to worry about the doorbell or having to leave your work to go to open the door. 

Plus, knowing that each of your loved ones has access to your home, you won’t have to worry about who is entering your home because no one who doesn’t have access will be able to do so. 

Records image and fingerprint

Moving to a higher level of security, there are smart locks that work through fingerprint and facial recognition. The locks have integrated HD video, which allows you to clearly see who is behind the door.  They also have fingerprint recognition which is the latest twist in technology. 

If a person comes to your home and is not registered, there is always the possibility of providing them with a personalized access code so that they can gain remote access. 

The lock has a vacation mode

Locks that have vacation mode block access to your home when you are not there, allowing you to enjoy being away from home. While you’re away, no one will have access to your space. 

Generate time-sensitive codes

One of the simplest, yet totally effective systems. These lock models offer three types of access, via bluetooth, timer codes or mechanical keys. As security methods, this type of locks have a locking system if after several incorrect attempts, have extra batteries for emergency occasions and can also be manipulated via cell phone. 

Offers automatic locking

As mentioned before, smart locks can be configured to lock automatically every certain amount of time. In some cases it is the first 10 or 60 seconds after being opened. This allows you to not worry about whether you really left your home protected or not. 

We will know who has arrived thanks to the electronic record

Within the smart lock systems there is a technology that offers us a real-time record of the entrances and exits that are made and those users who propitiated it. 

Whether the opening is done by code, biometric, or through a card, through our smartphone we will have a notification of who entered or left. All this in real time. 

In the same way the intelligent systems adapt to the capabilities of each person, in cases of people with lack of memory we recommend an access through a card or biometric system.

It has voice-assisted programming

Virtual assistants are everywhere and even in some lock models, they can memorize up to 25 users. So each of them will be able to remotely open the lock as long as they are programmed in the access. 

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