A Detailed Guide to Obtaining a CA Loan

Being in the game for many years now, I was recently planning to start my firm now. You all know that starting something of your own requires a decent amount of funds. After properly structuring my team and my overall plan, I was planning to build my own office in Gurugram, Haryana. However, I needed more funds, so one of my former colleagues guided me about a loan for chartered accountants. 

What is a Ca loan?

A great assistance, this type of loan helps you expand or even work towards improving your quality of personal life. So, basically, to make it easy for all the readers here, the loans for chartered accountants give access to the funds without having to meet the extensive eligibility criteria or fill out loads of paperwork. Moreover, they are much easier and faster than regular loans, and some providers even offer them within 24 hours.  

Furthermore, once the CA loan eligibility criteria is met, there are convenient facilities such as flexible repayment, doorstep service, and easy part-prepayment options for CAs. 

What are the benefits?

  • Immediate fund availability

Unlike the regular type of loan, where the waiting period is generally long, this loan provides the required amount quickly. As mentioned above, some lenders even give the amount within a period of just one day. 

  • Online fund management

In the current digital era, there’s no point in running around for loan statements. Having information handy in real-time is very crucial. So, pick a lender that allows you to access these details. In my personal experience, I’ve opted for a CA loan via the Bajaj Finserv app. With just a few taps, I efficiently manage my funds, which is completely secure. 

  • Flexible

To make your finances more manageable, some lenders offer you a flexi loan. Here, you can make multiple withdrawals and deposits against the credit limit and are charged interest only on the used amount. Moreover, not only this but you can also choose to have your monthly EMIs constitute only the interest, with the principal amount to be repaid at the end.

How to get one?

To get one, please keep in mind to check CA loan eligibility first and make sure that you are eligible for it. Meanwhile, here is a step-by-step guide on how I availed it. Please don’t consider it a promotion or something like that, as I’m just sharing my personal experience for a better understanding of the readers. 

> Download the official Bajaj Finserv application from the App store or Play store. 

> Sign up 

> When you land on the home page, you’ll see the ‘Loans’ section below the search bar.

> Tap on it and go to ‘Loan for Chartered Accountants

> Enter the required information, and you are good to go

Trust me. I never thought that getting a CA loan would be this much easy. With just a few taps, I got the loan, and all the documents were collected from my doorstep only in New Delhi. For personal reasons, I cannot disclose my loan amount, but if you apply via this app only, keep in mind that the limit is up to Rs 55 lakh. 

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