Accidents from using hand-held grinders and prevention

a hand-held grinding machine or hand stone Or some people like to call ‘pig’ (Angle Grinder, Handheld Grinder) is a useful mechanical tool for both grinding and cutting for a variety of tasks. But at the same time, it tends to cause accidents easily. The equipment center, grinding machines, grinding wheels and various tools for welding work of all kinds. We have a team of highly experienced professionals to give advice and consultation to all customers.

Accident statistics from the use of grinding machines

According to the UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, grinders are among the most dangerous mechanical tools, accounting for one of the top 10 most dangerous mechanical tools with more accidents. 5,400 cases every year!

According to the statistics of accident data, more than half of accidents are caused by the use of chia machines. User error or non-procedural behavior More than the defect of the grinding machine or grinding wheel / cutting wheel. In most cases, injuries or fatalities from grinding/cutting work can be prevented by controlling work and adjusting safe working behaviors trendingbird .

Principles for using chia/cutting blades safely

  1. Always choose the size of the grinding/cutting blade to suit the size of the grinding machine.

– Generally, large grinding/cutting blades tend to have a slower rotational speed than smaller blades.

– Using large grinding/cutting blades It is often necessary to remove the cover guard. which may be quite dangerous In case of leaf breakage while working

  – The spindle hole of the grinding/cutting blade must fit exactly into the angle of the grinding wheel. If it does not fit, do not use the adapter ring!

  1. Do not use a grinding wheel for cutting, and absolutely do not use a cutting wheel for grinding!

– Blades are designed to withstand abrasion and heat at the edge. Bai Jia Mi is designed for this kind of work. Chia blades are designed to withstand lateral or surface pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to select the leaves according to the nature of the work.

– According to the nature of work, there are often jobs for both grinding and cutting. must have both types of leaves Or in the case of continuous work, it may be necessary to have 2 grinders to install both grinding and cutting discs ready to use.

  1. The rotational speed of the grinding/cutting blade must always be greater than the rotational speed of the grinding machine in all cases.

– Even though the chia/cutting blade is in perfect condition It is often found that exceeding the speed limit will result in internal stress. causing the leaves to tear Easily crack and burst

  – In general, grinding / cutting blades have a maximum operating speed (Maximum Operating Speed), which will allow for safety. When the speed of rotation is increased, it may result in the speed at the edge of the blade in contact with the material exceeding the bursting peripheral speed, causing the blade to explode.

  1. Always check the grinding/cutting blade before installing or using the grinding machine. and regularly check

– Do not use chia/cut leaves. with cracked, chipped, frayed, bent skin

– Replace blades promptly when there are obvious signs of wear or damage.

Principles for safe use of grinders

– Do not use mechanical tools with damaged wires or exposed copper wires.

– Do not use a grinder whose switch cannot be used. In general, the use of grinding machines will use a push-on switch (Safety Switch, Cut-off Switch, Dead Man’s Switch, Paddle Switch) to reduce the severity in the event of an accident. will cause the machine to stop working immediately This will result in reducing the flicking force or slowing down the engine until it stops by itself.

– Guards must be installed according to manufacturer specifications and in good condition.

– Maintenance according to manufacturer’s instructions. net worth In case of repair, it must be done by a qualified technician only.

– Hand-held grinders are mainly suitable for grinding work. In cutting work, consider choosing a cutter to be safer.

Work safety rules

– Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as a face shield and helmet. or a type of helmet with a visor attached body protection suit or leather bib safety shoes Safety gloves should be considered for leather or fabric cut resistant Level 5. In some areas additional respirators may be required.

– Keep your hair, clothes tight Jewelry, necklaces, watches, rings, and stay away from the grinding machine.

– Turn on the grinding machine for about 1 minute when a new grinding wheel is installed or fixed. In case of leaf shaking Stop checking for the grip of the new blade.

– Immediately stop the Jia operation when the flicker increases or decreases abnormally.

– Do not use hand-held grinding machines to work overhead is strictly prohibited.

– Do not use it until the grinder is overheated.

– Clamp the workpiece with a vise. It is strictly forbidden to hold the workpiece by hand or foot.

– Use both hands to hold the grinder. If there is a handle on the side, use it to hold it steady. Do not use the grinding machine by holding the machine with a vise is strictly prohibited.

– Do not reach work using a grinding machine. provide a stable working area throughout the work

– Do not apply too much pressure to the grinder. It’s best to use light to medium pressure evenly. Pressing too hard can cause the blade to jam with the workpiece and cause a reverse rotation or ‘kickback’, which will cause serious harm to the operator.

– Always de-energize or unplug when replacing blades. Make sure the switch is in the off position before turning it on.

– Do not operate the grinding machine between both legs.

– Supervise children and pets outside of the work area and ensure everyone in the work area wears the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

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