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Given that we live in the age of online payments when more and more consumer needs can be satisfied with just one click, it is not surprising that a growing number of consumers are turning to online gambling instead of traditional local bookmakers. Even though a large number of different types of online transactions are already available and most online casinos offer a wide selection of payment methods to their users, the most popular payment method that players choose is still via payment cards. You and I can both agree that the development of technology has enabled faster and easier payment methods, however, cards are what most people consider a safer and proven option, given that this method is something we are all familiar with.

If you happen to be an AMEX card user and want to know which are the best online casinos where you can make payments with your card, you will be satisfied with the list of online AMEX casinos that we have prepared for you.

As we have already established, credit cards are not only the first method of online payment that we accepted but also the most popular even today. When the first online businesses were launched, we did not have the option to choose between paying with cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and other payment methods that are available today, but it was given that the transaction was made using credit cards. As a result, many players are still skeptical when it comes to other payment methods, even though there is no doubt that some of them have far more advantages compared to credit cards.

Some main advantages of using credit cards compared to other payment methods on Casino Sites That Accept American Express include:

  • Bank limits — It is a well-known fact that it doesn’t take much for gamblers to get carried away. While some prefer to be able to deposit as much as they want and whenever they want, many players rely on their set deposit limit to tell them when it’s the right time to stop. Depending on your salary, credit score, and spending habits as well as several different factors that vary from bank to bank, you will have a certain deposit limit that agrees with your budget. The deposit limit prevents abuse of your funds and protects you from unnecessary spending and possible debt.
  • Accessibility — While many people are still quite unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies and the use of e-wallets it is highly unlikely that an average working adult doesn’t have a bank account or even several of them to their name. If you were to seek out alternative payment methods to gamble online it would take some time to set everything up, meaning that the process could take between a few hours to even a few days or weeks which defeats the simplicity, speed, and comfort that comes with gambling online. But with credit cards, all it takes is a few minutes to enter your banking information and you are all set.
  • Safety — In addition to credit card transactions being secured by 3 layers of protection, provided by the casino, the bank, and the credit card company, in an unlikely case of a security breach, if any of your money ends up stolen or otherwise misplaced you are entitled to be compensated back by either of the 3 parties. Make sure to read the terms and conditions and of course, choose a reliable and safe online casino before you make a deposit.
  • The cashback option — If you are familiar with online gambling, you’ve certainly heard of or even received cashback from the casino. Most online casinos offer weekly cashback of around 5% of your losses in the past week. The percentage of cashback varies from casino to casino. In addition to that, receive even points or cash for using the card, depending on your bank’s policy.
  • Widespread acceptance — As we mentioned before, being that it is the most popular and commonly used payment method in online gambling, it is almost impossible to find an online casino that doesn’t accept credit cards. This gives you a wide selection of different online casinos to choose from.

With that being said, we will get into our list of best online casinos that accept AMEX cards.

888 Casino 

As one of the older operators in the game that has been running since 1997, 888 Casino is sure to treat you well. It’s well known for its extremely high payouts as well as a great assortment of high-limit and live dealer games. It is available for mobile devices and has some of the best software development and top-quality games in the business.

Bet MGM 

After welcoming its new players with a generous deposit match bonus of 100% up to $1,000 + $25 Freeplay, Bet MGM continues to accommodate its players with the possibility of choosing In personal transactions, and our personal favorite is that there are no deposit fees when playing in this casino.

Spin Casino 

This mostly live dealer online casino has been in the business since 2001 and has been established as one of the top picks for live dealer games with great software technology, a wide selection of tables, and highly professional dealers. It is also great for beginners since it offers a chance to practice the games for free and there’s also no minimum withdrawal limit.

BetRivers Casino 

Exceptionally suited for AMEX users, BetRivers casino provides extremely fast payment processing for AMEX. The casino also rewards its players with daily rewards and bonuses for a premium user experience.

Red Magic Casino 

Upon receiving a generous $500 welcome bonus plus 100 free spins you are further greeted with a huge selection of high-quality slot games with exceptionally high payouts. The expected payout time is between a few hours and 1-2 days. The site is intricately developed and well-suited for mobile play.

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