An in-depth look at digital transformation (promotional press release)

The digital transformation of an enterprise is essentially a subversion and change of its original business model, so it will bring great uncertainty to the enterprise itself. What is the significance of this? Why should we be obsessed with digital transformation? This article takes you through the author’s personal experience to approach digital transformation and explore how to carry out digital transformation more effectively.

Digital transformation – what is it?

The essence of digital transformation is to use digital technology to promote the transformation of business models, organizational structures, and corporate culture.

The purpose of digital transformation is to use a variety of new technologies and tools, such as Web, social, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, blockchain, as small as computer office, automatic assembly line monitoring tools, automatic cashier computer, pdf editor online and other digital tools or software to replace traditional workflow or services.

Common points of enterprise digital transformation

Enterprises that adopt digital transformation generally pursue new economic sources, new products and services, and new business models. The purpose of all innovation and change is inseparable from the use of new thinking to open new business channels. Therefore, digital transformation is also the deep integration of technology and business model, and the final result of digital transformation is the change of business model.

A strong corporate culture is at the heart of digital transformation

Corporate culture plays an important role in digital transformation. It is the common belief and code of conduct that all innovations and changes need to uphold.

The change has broken the original work mode, brought unease and tension, and also caused everyone’s inner anxiety and pressure. At this time, the corporate culture begins to show its own value. The corporate culture must serve the development of the company, and it must be able to guide each employee to stabilize their position in difficult times, and become an opportunity to promote everyone’s progress.

Corporate culture needs to be closely linked to employee values

Don’t include too many abstract, obscure slogans and quotes, and sentences need to be clear and actionable. In addition, the corporate culture slogan or policy is jointly abided by all members of the company. It needs the executor to place it in an important position and link it with rewards and punishments to have real meaning. It is not difficult to make this happen. In fact, many large enterprises do not have corporate culture slogans, but they are remembered by everyone. Why can they do this? There are methods. The essence of the corporate culture is translated into actionable parts, and these parts are added to the performance of employees, which naturally becomes a code of conduct that they keep in mind.

For example, how to integrate the connotation of corporate culture into the ideological values of employees?

Courage to change Excellent +5 Employees have the courage to change, forge ahead, actively adapt to new positions or new tasks, and achieve excellent performance in new jobs.
good +4 The employees worked hard to integrate into the new working environment, had no complaints about the new position, and achieved good performance in the new job.
Normal +3 The employees are well integrated into the new job and are basically competent for the current work tasks. Although they need to be strengthened, they are still rewarded and encouraged.
Poor -2 If the employee does not integrate into the new position, and the attitude towards the new job is not positive enough, a performance penalty of -2 will be given. If the performance does not reach the average for three consecutive months, he will be dismissed.

In conclusion, the author has added the courage to change into employee performance in this company, which is the most correct demonstration of the basic principles of corporate culture related to employees. It not only brings potential digital transformation advantages to the company, but also establishes a rewarding implementation for employees. concept, employees will pay more attention to the value of “the courage to change”.

Afterwards, the author also formulated ideological and value projects such as “positive progress”, “teamwork”, and “serious and responsible” for the company. Some of these regulations can be combined with employee self-assessment and leader scoring, while others are based on successful work performance. Evaluate.

By applying corporate cultural values to performance appraisal and incorporating it into digital transformation tasks, some of the company’s new projects have shown impressive results. On the other hand, there are some new employees who can integrate more quickly after joining the team and produce results in the corresponding fields. The progress of employees’ collective consciousness and ideology and morality, and the company’s ability to survive this period of change, are inseparable from the help of corporate culture.

Quality tools to support digital transformation

The misunderstanding of digitization is that a lot of people now attribute the innovation of everything to digitization. In fact, digital transformation is not a slogan. It is a new way of thinking and a series of operations to achieve quantification. Its essence is to transform goals into quantifiable data, and finally adjust them through algorithms.

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This industry article describes the basic concepts of digital transformation for you. Digital transformation in a narrow sense will attribute all business changes to it, but its essence can only be able to bring reliable business data-based deployment models to enterprises. We also focused on how corporate culture can play an important role in digital transformation, and the pdf editor I have been involved with in my company’s digital transformation journey Online has brought great help to our business, thank you again.

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