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While 123musiq has been around for years, it has largely been eclipsed by the new kid on the block, Snaptube. Touted as the world’s largest MP3 library, the platform is tasked with stoking your music desires on a dime, courtesy of a plethora of mobile apps that feature a range of licensing deals with some of the biggest names in pop music.

Ability to download

In addition to providing a rich library of music and other media, Snaptube has the audacity to offer users the ability to download video content to their devices on demand. It also boasts the highest quality audio and video available on the market, albeit at an extortionate price tag.

For users who don’t want to fork over an arm and a leg, Wynk is also a viable option. The app offers a range of downloadable media options including MP3, M4A and OGG formats. With over 300 music tracks to choose from, users can find something to suit their musical tastes. And if you happen to be in the company of a fellow music fan, the app offers an array of features designed to enhance the overall experience, including voice recognition, ad-free listening and the ability to listen to music in the background.

Listen to Music Online

If you are looking for ways to listen to music, then you will find that you can do this through the internet, through sites such as 123musiq. These websites allow you to search for different songs, and you can also listen to your favorite ones. It is easy to do this, and it is something that is useful to many people.


123videos on 123musiq is an online free website that allows you to stream various genres of movies and TV shows for free. You can choose from a number of categories, including Hollywood, foreign films, and national films.

The site’s user interface is easy to navigate. There is no need to sign up, and you can access their streaming pages through a simple search bar.

It is a good choice if you are looking for a 123movies alternative. This service offers a massive library of films and TV shows. They also offer fresh movies and TV episodes every day. However, their traffic is not as high as other sites.

Replaced by Snaptube

123musiq was a good ol’ fashioned music store that is now gone and replaced with the digital equivalent. To its credit, the service was a keeper, albeit one with a few thorns in its side. In its heyday, the aforementioned store offered an impressive catalogue of albums, a selection snubbed by none other than the ubiquitous mp3 sexy.

Luckily for Snaptube fans, the aforementioned music store is now a thing of the past, as is the aforementioned mp3 sexy. That is unless you consider the following. The aforementioned thorn in the crown has been replaced by a mere rudimentary sexier if that is indeed the case.

Nevertheless, Snaptube has been in business since ye olde 123musiq days and is the lil sexier ye olde ye olde. Besides, the aforementioned store is now a place where you can download a plethora of songs and albums on the fly. Not a bad deal for a reformed ye olde ye olde music store. Unlike many of its predecessors, Snaptube is not a one trick pony and has been known to pique the interest of seasoned vets.

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