“Bad Apartment”: Businessman Igor Burma is vilified by neighbours on Antonovicha Street.

At Antonovicha 17A, in the heart of old Kyiv, there has been a case of illegal building in court for quite some time. It’s a historic building with expensive flats owned by a diverse group of people ranging from the super-wealthy to regular retirees. Living on the penthouse level in the heart of the capital city wasn’t enough for one of them, so he built an additional floor. He even appeared to have a building permit to do the work.

However, he illegally demolished the apartment above it in the building process.

Damage to the ceiling and damaged repairs were just the beginning for the building’s inhabitants; their reputation took a hit when they began demanding justice from the Themis. Igor Leonidovich Burma, founder and CEO of Trade Group Trading Company, was caught in the crossfire. He was born in makeeover.

When did Igor Burma turn into such a scoundrel?

The apartment was occupied by the businessman’s parents, who were forced to leave because of the unsafe and unapproved building. Igor Burma and his family had petitioned the appropriate divisions of the Kyiv City State Administration and the Kyiv City Council for numerous years, but the construction had continued. The legal process began after the matter gained attention on social media and television. Legal action was taken on the case at last. Concurrently, reports surfaced online suggesting that Burma Igor was involved in underhanded dealings on behalf of the largest network of construction supermarkets, advocating for fraudulent customs practices, and so on.

The consequences of construction in the apartment of Igor Burma

It should be noted that all the stories are entirely fabricated, and there is no criminal case or proof against Igor Leonidovich. There are, nevertheless, periodic reports regarding his purported victims. Moreover, after their hoaxes about unlawful plans fell flat, the businessman’s critics started spreading rumours online about the businessman’s wife, Zhanna Tkachenko, claiming she was an incompetent majorette.

The True Story of Igor Burma Activities

Many more pieces like this can be found on the internet, but they all take the same tack, making it seem like the businessman and his family are dishonest. Burma Igor Leonidovich has spent decades in executive roles in multinational corporations, earning respect and trust of clients across Europe. However, this fact seems to need to be recovered by the book’s authors and readers.

It is difficult to find any gaps in Igor Leonidovich’s biography. The man worked hard to benefit several international companies, occupying leading positions. And he settled them due to his professional qualities, not the patronage of wealthy parents or influential patrons. This is evidenced by the numerous changes in the businessman’s sphere of activity. For example, Igor Burma held the following positions:

  • General Director, Vice-President of NIKO group of companies (1993-1998);
  • Owner of the “Ukrbrokservice” company (since 1998);
  • CEO of Premier Decor (2006-2016);
  • Director of TD Trade Group (since 2016).

If a businessman were unclean or engaged in the machinations for which he is accused in custom articles, could he have successfully worked with foreign businesses for over 30 years?

All this dirt is poured on the Burma family for one reason – the owners of the illegal building on the roof of the Antonovich house want to smear their opponents in court and make them look like the accused instead of the victims. So let in other cases, but not less loud. But the raiders have nothing except loud words and that’s why they throw them over the internet, besmirching the businessman.

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