Best AI Writing Assistants In The Market

Artificial intelligence has been used in various fields such as medicine, finance, and manufacturing. In recent years, AI has also been employed in the field of writing. AI writing assistants are computer programs that help writers with various tasks such as grammar, spelling, and style. Some AI writing assistants can even generate entire articles on their own. There are many benefits to using an AI writing assistant. For one, it can help writers save time on editing and proofreading. In this article, we will outline the best AI writing assistant in the market;


Writesonic uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to produce content in a manner similar to human writing. Its neural network is powered by sophisticated deep learning applications and can create unique copy that is free from errors. It can also make multiple versions, so it can be used for A/B testing.

Writesonic can help you generate SEO blog posts, landing pages, articles, and product descriptions. It has more than 50 categories. You just need to specify a product name and a short description. The AI assistant can generate multiple versions of the content, depending on the subject. The best results are seen with seasonal content and SEO blog posts.

Writesonic is free and easy to use. It offers two plans, Short and Long, and a free trial. Depending on what you need, you can choose a plan based on the length and number of articles you need. The system is easy to use and focuses on user-friendliness. Once you have an idea, Writesonic will turn it into a topic, outline, and even actual blog content. If you need Writesonic Coupon Code, check out the link now!


While it’s easy to overlook simple errors when writing emails and customer service responses, Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant helps ensure your communication is error-free. It is available on any web page and can automatically correct grammatical errors. Grammarly also highlights style and sentence structure problems and provides solutions that make your writing more concise.

Grammarly comes with a free version and a premium version for business users. Both of these versions have advanced features, such as human editing and a business style guide. The premium version costs $12 a month and comes with a range of extras.

Grammarly is a cloud-based AI writing assistant that runs in the background of most word processors. It can correct grammatical errors and tonal issues in real time. It’s useful for marketing copy, and offers full content templates. You can also use it for content creation, publishing it to various platforms, and even sending it to your customers.


If you need help writing reports or customer service correspondence, ProWritingAid is the writing assistant you need. It can be used in Microsoft Word, Gmail, and other applications. It also integrates with Scrivener. The AI writing assistant is available on PC and Mac. It can help you improve your writing by suggesting changes and improving your grammar. It also has a user-friendly interface that can be used by anyone.

While you can hire someone to write your content, you should also consider using an AI writing assistant tool. You can use an AI writing assistant to index your customer service tickets and requests. This AI tool can also help you organize your tickets based on keywords. This can result in higher customer satisfaction and faster resolution of support tickets. It also helps you build a better brand image.

ProWritingAid costs about $7 a month for a subscription. It is worth the money if you need to improve your writing. It helps you identify mistakes, slang, and grammar issues. Moreover, it also highlights common writing errors and suggests changes to correct them.

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