Best Karva Chauth Thali Items For Wife

The festival of Karva Chauth is celebrated widely across the country with full enthusiasm in the month of Kartika on the fourth day after Poornima. The festival is celebrated by married Hindu women who observe a fast from early morning to evening after the emergence of the moon.

Though the festival has many traditional and mythological legends attached to it, on why it started, there is one significant hypothesis attached to it. The military campaigns were often conducted in far-off places, and the wives would pray for their husband’s safety, posted in those military campaigns fighting for their motherland.

The wives keep ‘Nirjala’ in which they are not supposed to consume water or food for the whole day, and prayers are offered to Goddess Gauri for the blessing of the husband’s long and safe life.

A married woman celebrates the festival with great enthusiasm and by following every ritual associated with it. She prepares the Karva Chauth thali as guided by her elders, and in some states, it is gifted by their mother or mother-in-law.

The thali comprises many essential things that are necessary to perform the puja. If you are wondering what things need to be in your Karwa Chauth puja-thali, you have come to the right article. Read on further to know the details.

5 Best Items To Fill Karva Chauth Thali For Wife

A wife observes a day’s fast on this auspicious festival. Her husband breaks her fast by offering her water and food from the ‘thali’ and karwa chauth gifts . The thali contains essentials in which every product carries a special significance.

1] Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are an essential part of the Sargi or the thali. By keeping a day-long fast for her husband, she needs something at the end of the day to energize her body and provide it with the required nourishment. Dry fruits like almonds, cashews, raisins, and pistachios can be added to the thali with several other items. You can even order a box of dry fruits, which contains all types of them, from eCommerce websites.

2] Solah Shringar Items

The sixteen phases of the moon correlate with the Solah (sixteen) Shringar, which is worn by every married woman. On the auspicious eves like Karwa Chauth, the women get dressed up as newlyweds by donning all the Solah Shringar. These Solah Shringars consist of kajal, bindi, sindoor, karnphool, nath, bangles, waistband, haanthphool, toe-ring, anklet, gajra, necklace, perfumes, mehndi, etc. Many eCommerce websites provide a set of solah shringar with dry fruits or chocolates. You can order them from the websites if you want to get them delivered to your place without you having to go out and pick items separately.

3] Sweets

Food is the most important thing that needs to be in the Karva Chauth thali, and sweets are among one of them. Sweets like Kaju Katli, besan ladoo, dodha, milk peda, barfi, motichoor ladoo, etc., are eaten on auspicious days and also offered to the deities. After fasting for almost a day, a person craves something sweet to eat, and there can be nothing better than these delicious sweets.

4] Thalis, Kalash, And Sieve

Thalis, Kalash, and sieve are the life of Karva Chauth. The thali plays an important role as all the essential items are needed to be kept on it. The Kalash contains water that the husband offers to his wife, with which she breaks her fast, and she views the moon with the sieve. So, all these three items are the most important in the Karva Chauth. Now, you can find a variety of thalis with beautiful designs and embellishments on them which stand out and looks beautiful.

5] Incense Sticks And Diya

Incense sticks and Diya are also kept in the thali to offer prayers to the Gods. A Diya is kept in the sieve while the wife views the moon and her husband. An incense stick and Diya are lit to induce a pleasant fragrance and cleanse the air of negativity around. The burning of incense sticks also signifies one’s sacrifice for others.


The festival of Karva Chauth is an important festival in the lives of married women. They decorate their thalis with essential karva chauth thali and pray to Goddess Gauri, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, to lengthen the life of their husbands and keep them away from any kind of mishappenings. They also seek blessings for a healthy and blissful married life.

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