Compact States for Nurses

What are Compact States?

Compact states are the states that have entered a license compact with NCSBN. This compact allows nurses to work in other states outside their home state. This also allows nurses to travel from state to state to help in states that have bigger nursing needs.

This compact is good for the nurses, especially those who like to travel as they do their job. The participating travel nurse compact states are also helped by having the nursing staff they need. And, of course, this helps all the patients that are being cared for.

This article will let you know a little more about this compact and some of the states that are a part of the compact. You will need to do more research to see if you are able to be a part of this compact. This could be a great solution if you feel that you would like to be a travelling nurse.

What You Need to Do

There are a few things that you need to do as a nurse if you want to work in the compact states. It is an easy process, about as easy as getting your driver’s license. You first must make sure that the state that you live in is a part of the compact. Thirty-seven states are a part of the compact so far, so it is likely that you do work in a compact state.

There are a few things that you can do to see if your state is a compact state. You can check the NCSBN website to see if your state is listed there. It is an easy step and will not take you long to do it.

There are more things that you must do in order to work in the compact states, and they are not difficult at all. You can do these on your own and with the help of the NCSBN website and help from your employers. Many people will want to help you do this because nurses are in short supply around the nation.

If you need to find someone to help with getting these steps completed, you can also call or visit the website. You can find all the information that you need there, but you can also do more research to see if you can find the instructions in easier to read form. You can search nursing compact requirements in simple terms.

The next thing that you must do is to meet the requirements set forth by the compact. This includes applying for licensure by exam, receive the authorization to test or ATT in the state, pass the NCLEX (, and meet state licensure requirements. These are things that all nurses must do if they want to work in the compact sites.

If you have met all these requirements, you can then apply for the multi-state license. You should not have to apply for any new licensure because you have already received your license from your state. This license is good for all compact states. If you do not have a license from a compact state, you will have to apply for a license in every state that you work in. Being a part of the compact keeps you from having to license in every state.

If you work in a compact state and want to move to another compact state, you are good, there is nothing you need to do. If you move from a compact state to a non-compact state, you will lose your ability to work in multiple states. If you move from a non-compact state to a compact state, you will want to start your licensing requirements as soon as possible so that you will be able to work in multiple states.

The Nursing Licensure Compact was modified in 2015 to what is now called the eNLC. Most of these changes were minor, but people who are already licensed under the previous compact are grandfathered in. New people will need to do the new licensing requirements that include the changes.

The biggest change that was made was Article VII, which makes a governing body that is a public agency. This new agency is called the Interstate Committee and they have the responsibility to overseeing the compact from now on. This agency will help all the states from the compact to know all the new requirements.

These are just a little bit of the information about the compact states for nurses. There are websites that will help you to learn more about compact states and the licensure that you must do to be a part of it. There is really not a lot that you must do if you already live in a compact state. You will need to research what you need to do if you live in a non-compact state.

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