Don’t play with toys otherwise they can kill you: Huggy Wuggy’s story

In 2021 the world at the first time saw playing console “Poppy Playtime”. The most recognisable and interesting character surprisingly became the villain.

In game Huggy Wuggy first appearance happened in Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze. He became very famous around audience despite his villain’s nature. Huggy Wuggy looked very soft, cute and seemed to asking for hugs before evil experiment.

After scientists’ intervention Huggy Wuggy became very dangerous and bloodthirsty creature.

Now his nature is to harm and kill people.

The toy also known as Experiment-1170. The creation of character belongs to Playtime CO. After a year of a game premiere Huggy Wuggy grew into the biggest selling toy.


Huggy Wuggy has a truly villain backstory. He was created by toy company Playtime CO. But in the consequence of unlucky experiment he was turned into a monster.

The first time audience sees him is also firstly the main character meets the antagonist. Huggy Wuggy presents very unharmonious so well that even the main character doesn’t notice him.

The main confrontation between hero and villain

Mutual unlove between main character and Huggy Wuggy starts immediately. On the first mission protagonist has to steal the key to make energy flow the room.

But suddenly Huggy Wuggy vanishes from his place and tries to harm the main character.

From this point Huggy Wuggy will try to kill the player. The most common reason to die in the game is to not be on time to reach the catwalk. The toy will rip player apart and the game will be over.

However, if the character is going to succeed then both the player and the antagonist will fall in the wierd place with a bunch of pipes. The character will be alive, but the toy will continue to fall.

There are lots of theories about Huggy Wuggy’s survival. And the continuation of the game and confirmation about villain’s return are the biggest prompts of Huggy Wuggy’s destiny.

Fluffiness and face features

Huggy Wuggy appears like very big, blue creature. He looks like monkey and has very unique blue fur. Also, he has very long yellow coloured limbs. His head reminds of triangle.

The most terrifying part of the character is his face. Huggy Wuggy has very big black eyes and enormous mouth with red lips and needles-sharped teeth. When he opens his mouth too widely the player can see another pair of teeth that is located in the depth of his throat.

Interesting fact!

In the earliest illustration Huggy Wuggy had no sharped teeth and looked cuter and more normal.

His hight in the game is about 9 feet tall. But in the reality the toy is being sold around 1 foot.

Another very terrifying peculiarity is the absence of bones. The toy can squeeze at every ventilations and his arms and legs can turn at any sides.


In the game Huggy Wuggy is very violent, flesh hungry monster. It seems like his only purpose is to murder.

But he has a mind. The villain’s moves are always strategic and clever. Huggy Wuggy is constantly creating new ways to catch his prey.

It hard to imagine but in the past, before the experiment, he was absolutely the opposite. Huggy Wuggy was very kind, family-friendly toy. He made everything more happy and joyful.

Interesting facts

There are some thrillng facts and theories about Huggy Wuggy’s figure:

  • Some fans think that Huggy Wuggy was a rich employee that didn’t approve the actions of the company. That was the reason he was modified by Playtime CO.
  • The story of the character is a look-a-like of Ink Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine.
  • Due to incredible popularity of the mascot it is confirmed that Huggy Wuggy will return in the new chapter of the game. The blue fur and blood marks on the floor in the trailer of the new part are the biggest hints.
  • Another theory considers the death of Huggy Wuggy. Some fans think a new villain will remain him;
  • Another name of Huggy Wuggy might be Experiment-1006.
  • Despite the external deformities the company considers the toy to be successful experiment because of Huggy Wuggy’s intelligence and loyalty.
  • Mass media is not happy with Huggy Wuggy’s popularity among children. Some do believe that the appearance of the toy is too scarry and can influence kids’ mental health.
  • The character appearance is probably designed out of The Muppets show toys. Most likely the biggest inspiration was Grover or Cookie Monster.

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