How Beauty Standards Affect Mental Health

The standards of physical attractiveness that society holds all women too are largely the product of societal constructions of ideal femininity. These norms are heavily influenced by heteronormative ideas and are often biased against women.

A perfect, impossibly proportioned woman is held up as the standard against which all other women should measure their attractiveness. On the other hand, this ideal is not completely abstract. Nonetheless, the beauty industry is capitalizing on the drive for perfection to market its wares.

Effects of Beauty Standards

Various mental illnesses are rising among modern women as they attempt to achieve outdated beauty standards. Psychological problems like depression, low self-esteem, eating disorders, and many others have been linked to these ideals. Girls are bombarded with these idealized depictions of beauty beginning at a young age and continuing well into adulthood.

Research shows that these commercials have negative effects on women in many ways. Because of the pervasiveness of media portrayals of beauty, many women internalize unrealistic standards of attractiveness and become dissatisfied with their physical appearance. These ideals are so romantic that they hurt the person who holds them.

Society creates the standard of physical attractiveness that every woman should uphold to be considered beautiful. These guidelines are largely derived from hetero-normative ideas and frequently discriminate against women based on their sexual orientation.

When do we finally realize that appearances can be deceiving? You should know that beauty is not worth it if your stress and depression levels increase because of your preoccupation with how others perceive your physical attractiveness. Remember that your mental and physical health should precede everything else, and it is always best to be honest with yourself.

Dealing with Beauty Standards

In terms of understanding and treating mental illness, we have not even left the Stone Age. It is why it’s so tough for people with mental illness to come out in the open. Keeping up appearances while experiencing severe internal illness compounds the difficulty.

The truth is that mental illness is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is because insecurities are commonplace due to the nature of our world and the pressure of perception it imposes on us. Here are some strategies for maintaining a positive outlook.

Know your Strength

Don’t wallow in self-pity because of your weaknesses; hone in on your virtues. Even if you have a photographic memory for beauty, you need not be a carbon copy of anyone else. You can take inspiration and be your kind of beautiful. Get out of your glum mood and put your skills to good use. You can visit a psychologist or participate in online therapy sessions if you’re still struggling to cope with your depression.

On the other hand, if you want to improve yourself to get rid of feeling down and depressed, you can always do what makes you happy and comforted. For instance, you might be wondering about “eyebrow waxing near me,” then feel free to browse and get an eyebrow waxing to improve your physical look and well-being. You can have that with eyebrow extensions in Austin to make your eyes look lively. In these small ways of pampering yourself, you are also improving how you look and think of yourself.

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