How do you create a business name?

One of the most important steps of starting a business is selecting a name for the company. This is an essential step in ensuring the success of brand promotion. The name of the company must be related to the service or product offered by the business. How do you choose a name that is easily understood, easy and simple for the user, yet simultaneously an appropriate name for your business?

Strategies to come up with a brand name

Many businesses take their inspiration of well-known firms and others choose their initial names based on their individual preferences. There are a variety of methods to come up with a business name. Some pick a name online and others turn to the assistance of marketing. Here are the most common ways to pick names for your company:

  1. It is the name used by the business in which the surname or surname of the person who founded the business serves as the base. There are numerous examples of famous successful businesses where you can find the surname or name of the founder appearing in the names of the companies like Ford, McDonald’s, KiraPlastinina, Gillette.
  2. After having a fanciful idea and using fresh words or syllables, you are able to come up with original combinations to brand your name. But it is worth remembering that in some cases, when two words are combined, complex, difficult-to-pronounce words are obtained that will be associated with negativity or will be completely inappropriate.
  3. To make your name more memorable and easy to pronounce You can select repetition of rhymes or consonance with words that are appropriate to your business.
  4. Use names that are based on geographic names or develop your own imaginative geographic name, but be aware you might discover that a similar name is already available in the first place, and if that is the case the company must be involved in a different type of work. For example: Everest, Prague, Sportland, etc.
  5. It is also possible to make the names based on various concepts, such as magma, crystal puma, magma, etc.
  6. Onomatopoeia that is related in relation to the brand\, like: Agusha, Tuc, Schweppes.
  7. The usage of literary characters works, writings popular writers, celebrities, or even occupied spaces, objects in literary works. Examples: Griboyedov restaurant, Snow Queen store, Alibaba, Prostokvashino.
  8. Sometimes, even words that are not directly related to the product can become a popular brand that will remain recognized and forever linked to the brand, such as Apple, for instance. Apple.
  9. Names that create stable images to the public like the orchard, cheerful milkman, or a home within the town. If you allow free rein in your mind, you’ll be in a position to create fantastic names for the new brand that people will be able to remember for a lifetime.

Finally, when you are deciding on the name of your business considering all of the above options You can select your personal name through online services that allow you to be provided with a variety of options for your business name you want to select from.

Our Turbologo service can help you pick a suitable name. It is important to specify the area of your business, as well as the number of words will be used in the title, or keywords. So it is possible that the Turbologo generator is able to randomly pick different ideas for you to select from. The Turbologo name generator is simple to use and doesn’t require any specific abilities.


Selecting a company’s name must be handled with caution, and making use of all options and methods to make a name that’s successful. The perfect name should not scare away potential customers, but instead convey the essence of the company’s mission and then later on, develop into a brand that personifies the product. The name will become the brand of your product and guide the company through its operations!

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