How Long Does a Home Appraisal Take?

Home appraisal is an integral component of mortgage processes. Therefore, it’s crucial that homeowners know how long does a home appraisal take.

An appraisal is the process of estimating a property’s worth based on a comparison with similar properties in its vicinity. An appraiser considers a number of factors when conducting their evaluation process, such as physical inspection and market research.


Home appraisal involves officials visiting a property to conduct an in-person physical inspection, taking photos, noting the number of rooms inside, checking for safety issues and more. Comparable properties recently sold in the neighborhood also assist.

They look for improvements that add value to the property, such as installing new air conditioning equipment if it has become outdated and worn-down. Doing this may increase its worth substantially.

Buyer’s inspectors may suggest that sellers make repairs prior to closing. This process can take time. If buyers are dissatisfied with their inspection results, they can seek renegotiation of contract terms, credit credits or even back out entirely from this transaction.

Report Writing

Once your home has been evaluated and compared with similar ones, an appraiser will produce a report and present it to your mortgage lender. The report should contain information such as its final appraisal value and supporting data as well as adequate descriptions, photos, market information and certification signatures of your appraiser.

This step may take several days or weeks depending on the appraiser’s workload and number of houses being reviewed for other lenders. FHA or VA loans require specific paperwork that may lengthen this process further.

Other variables that may extend the time needed to complete an appraisal include its location in an attractive neighborhood; proximity to highways, junkyards or power lines; as well as features that distinguish it in the market such as attractive surroundings, newer construction or a swimming pool.

Appraisal Review

Once an appraiser completes a physical inspection and researches comparable sales, they’ll finalize a report and send it off to your mortgage lender – typically taking from several days up to several weeks depending on their schedule.

Make your home more appealing to appraisers by increasing the curb appeal and maintaining an organized property. Unfortunately, much of the appraisal process lies outside your control — for instance, its location can have an effect on its value; proximity to roads or powerlines has an impactful influence too; certain home improvements add value (such as central air conditioning) while others don’t, such as fireplaces or covered porches; size can also play an impactful role – larger homes typically appraise higher.

Appraisal Delivery

Once an appraiser has completed their final evaluation, they will deliver it to the mortgage lender who requested it. This step may take days or even weeks depending on various market factors such as buyer availability and mortgage demand.

Step two involves comparing your property with similar ones in its area. This means researching municipal records to confirm information such as its age and size before finding recent sales of similar homes nearby in order to assess their fair market value. It may take longer when trying to compare untypical homes such as waterfront properties or large houses with multiple bedrooms as they require further investigation.

Assist the process by keeping your property in good shape, such as cleaning it and making any needed repairs. Also be sure to list any changes or improvements you have made over time in your home.

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