How serious is a Title IX charge?

Title IX is basically a federal civil rights law that protects students from gender discrimination and other forms of sexual misconduct as per the Education Amendments passed in 1972. The law was introduced to ensure equal opportunities for students in athletics and school admissions as well as encourage women to enter schools and universities and grasp the opportunities that lay ahead of them. Title IX applies to all educational institutions that receive federal funding and encompasses all members of the institution, including students, faculty, administrators, and other employees. 

According to Lento Law Firm, the consequences of a Title IX charge:-

  • Violation proceedings: Title IX violations are serious and can have life-changing penalties. Such penalties can leave behind a mark in your transcripts as well as records and can impact your future. The law under Title IX requires schools and colleges to investigate and address violation cases involving students independent of any criminal charge or investigation. The law also enforces that the institute must set up its own investigation system like interviewing the accused party and commencing a disciplinary hearing. 
  • Disciplinary hearing: Title IX violation charges calls for a disciplinary hearing by the institute under their honorary hearing board. The accused must be prepared to answer the questions here. These disciplinary hearings are not criminal proceedings but the victim can always go and complain at a local law enforcement agency. Disciplinary hearings can make or break your case. Therefore, the accused must have a defense lawyer present to help with the case.
  • Violation penalties: The penalties for a Title IX violation have life-altering consequences. If found guilty in the case the violation charges can be expulsion or suspension from school, disciplinary probation, criminal charges, jail time, loss of job, restitution, loss of scholarships, etc. These penalties have severe consequences and leave behind permanent marks that can impact your future. 

If any student or member of the institute is found violating Title IX, there will be severe consequences and penalties. The violations include sexual misconduct and assault, rape, stalking, bullying, sex discrimination in athletics, discrimination against disabled students, discrimination against pregnant or parenting students, gender bias in the workplace, etc. There might be cases where you might be falsely accused of Title IX violation. A Title IX violation charge can leave behind a black mark in your records. In such instances, it is best to hire a Title IX defense lawyer to defend your case and achieve a favorable result. 

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