How to Celebrate your Valentine’s Day after Divorce?

Maybe you have been spending a decade of valentine’s day with your spouse and this year, after divorce, you are worried about what to do. This might make you feel the extreme pressure of the existential crisis. But who says the zest of valentine’s day is only to spend time with your loved ones and not yourself alone? The zest of these days is to love, so why not love yourself? A Karp & Iancu, S.C. litigation attorney has just given a few tips on how you can spend your valentine’s days loving yourself. 

Plan the Morning Right

It is 2023, and online marketing is blooming. The first thing on a valentine’s morning you need to do is buy yourself some flowers. Order flowers online and get them on your doorsteps. 

Spend the rest of your morning doing healthy practices and cooking healthy breakfasts. Or if you want to cheat (wink), order a sugary and high-calorie breakfast to satisfy your dopamine!

Shop till you Drop 

Moving on to the later part of your day, spoil yourself. Go crazy shopping. There are amazing sales that take place on valentine’s day. Do not deprive yourself of the luring offers. Get everything you set eyes on. 

Spa day 

After you have exhausted yourself from all the shopping, trials and walking roughly the street, it is time for some pamper routine. As said earlier there is an amazing sale that goes on during that time of the year. 

Give yourself a new haircut, trim your nails and get those extra-long extensions, pedicures and manicures, or a whole body massage. 

Plan a movie date 

After you have done the whole day right it’s time for Netflix and chill. Buy yourself a glass of wine and watch a power-packed movie. Do not watch any emotional movies and cry yourself to sleep. Watch a movie that will fill you with positivity before you hit bed. 


Divorces have become more common than they were and it is no longer a taboo. If you are unhappy with your divorce, seek professional help. Divorce does not mean the end of your life, instead, it means a new beginning. And if you are already done with your divorce, take care of yourself. It is the best way to rekindle your inner peace and move on with your life to a better future. 

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