How To Prove A Bonafide Relationship In Family-Based Immigration?

Family-based immigration allows individuals to sponsor their family members to immigrate to the United States. One of the requirements for this type of immigration is to prove that the relationship between the sponsor and the immigrant is genuine and not entered solely for immigration purposes. If you have any queries or doubts regarding immigration, you should contact a professional from Pollak Immigration, PLLC

Such a requirement is commonly called proving a “bonafide relationship.” Establishing a bonafide relationship can be a complex and daunting task, but it is essential to ensure that the immigration process is successful. It would benefit you to know some helpful tips and strategies to prove a bonafide relationship in family-based immigration cases. It’s important to know the cost of marriage green card before you start preparing the application.

Proving a bonafide relationship in family-based immigration: 

  • Provide evidence of joint finances.

Evidence of joint finances includes bank accounts, property ownership, or bills you pay together. You can show a genuine commitment to your relationship by demonstrating shared financial responsibilities. 

Evidence of joint finances can also indicate that your relationship is long-term and stable. Such evidence can be included in your application or presented during interviews. Keeping accurate and organized records of your joint finances is crucial to ensure a successful immigration process.

  • Submit documentation of shared living arrangements.

Submitting documentation of shared living arrangements can include rental or lease agreements, mortgage documents, or utility bills that show both your names at the same address. 

Providing proof of shared living arrangements can demonstrate that you and your partner genuinely commit to living together and sharing responsibilities. Your application can include such evidence as supporting documents or presented during interviews. Providing clear and organized documentation can help ensure a smooth immigration process.

  • Gather evidence of shared experiences.

Evidence of shared experiences can include travel itineraries, photographs, and social media posts that show you and your partner spending time together. It is crucial to document shared experiences that span a significant period and demonstrate a history of your relationship. 

Additionally, this evidence can be presented during interviews or included in your application as supporting documents. Collecting and organizing this information early can save time and avoid unnecessary delays.

  • Attend interviews together

During the interview, the immigration officer will ask questions to verify that your relationship is genuine and not entered into to obtain an immigration benefit. Attending the interview together is essential, as it demonstrates your commitment to the relationship and allows you to answer questions truthfully and consistently. 

  • Obtain letters of support.

Letters of support can come from family members, friends, or colleagues and attest to the genuineness of your relationship and the history of your partnership. These letters can provide additional evidence of your relationship, which can be helpful if you need other documentation. Letters of support can be submitted with your application or presented during interviews.

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