How to take your essay to the next level

What makes an essay good? It is not always easy to write an academic essay in a creative and interesting way. Would you like to blow your professors away with a great essay? Then read more about the tips for writing a great essay here.

What Could Make My Essay Catchy and Awesome?

If you are studying, you will surely have to write an essay at some point. But what is an essay? In an essay, you provide informative and reasoned material based on a research study conducted. The purpose is to convince your reader of your statement. To do this, you need to write a catchy and interesting text with arguments and counterarguments. Further, you should edit and proofread your essay with PaperTrue so that it has refined language and a clear flow of ideas. But how do you write such a text?

The beginning of writing

Before you start writing, choose a topic on which you have a strong opinion. Choose a topic you are passionate about and interested in, but about which you can also make counterarguments. After you have chosen your topic, you can start with an outline to establish the structure. Outline your paper first with paragraphs and titles before you start writing it out.

Titles and paragraphs

The title should not only be informative about the topic, but it should also urge and excite them to read further. Paragraph titles should do the same. Titles are usually made up last when you know more about the content and the main thread of your topic.

Writing style

The writing style of an essay is less formal than that of other academic articles, such as a thesis, but it is still formal. So avoid humor and dialect language in your essay, but try to be original with word choices.


After you have established the structure and paragraphs, start with an introduction. This introduction should be catchy but give necessary background information. In your introduction, state the problem statement and purpose of the research, as well as the relevance of the topic. With the introduction, you inform your reader about your topic, and you can excite the reader to read further about this problem statement. Conclude the introduction with a point of view you want to convince the reader about.

Argumentation of your essay

Using the argument of your essay, you defend your opinion against criticism. It is the most important part of your essay. You convince readers of your position with arguments that are substantiated and support your thesis. It is also important to discuss counterarguments. In general, you should provide at least 1 counterargument for every 2 arguments. You can gather arguments by gathering evidence, based on facts, literature research or your own research. 

Put your arguments in a logical order and make sure you have enough arguments. A logical order for your arguments can be done in various ways. You can do this by sub-theme, in chronological order or by discussing all arguments first and then all counterarguments.

Writing and rewriting

Writing is a long process and often requires a few rewrites. Therefore, schedule enough time during the writing process to leave your work aside for a while to reread and rewrite it later. Above all, try to ask yourself what does this paragraph contribute to the reader? What exactly do you want to tell with this paragraph? Writing out your ideas is the hardest part of writing an essay. Therefore, sometimes it is helpful to tell your ideas to experts, who will then write out your essay for you. With the help of a good essay writing service, you can make use of expert writers who will take your essay to the next level. They will ensure that your essay goes from good to excellent.  


When writing an essay, it is important to use good and reliable sources on a chosen topic. You can recognize a good source by finding peer-reviewed articles that offer verifiable information on your topic. Under each article, you should have a short reference list so that sources can be verified. Sources can be academic literature, media, and websites.


In conclusion, you show that your essay is correct based on the arguments you presented. You connect all the arguments, leading to a conclusion, namely your statement. End the conclusion with a powerful closing sentence that prompts your reader to take action or get thinking.

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