How to Write a Paper in One Night

If you are reading this article, it means that you have a problem with your essay. Perhaps, you procrastinated writing an essay until the last minute, were too busy at work, or had other reasons not to complete the assignment until now. Now you are here when you have to write your paper until tomorrow, and you haven’t even started. 

You have one night to start and finish the essay. So this night isn’t for sleep. Receiving a good grade depends on your ability as a writer, but you can still do well on your essay by following the simple steps described in this article, or you can always ask our experts for online essay help.

Steps to write a paper in one night

So here are the simple steps to go through this situation and get your paper done.

Schedule your time

When all you are thinking about is your deadline, your only thought could be to start writing immediately. However, you shouldn’t do so. Calm down and stop. You should plan your time and understand how many hours you need to complete this paper. For example, you might write about 10-to-12 pages in five hours. Then set a schedule for yourself, and don’t distract by anything. Plan how much time you will spend researching, write your thoughts down, and use the time left to edit the paper. You can divide the writing process into three parts. For instance, 25% on researching, 50% on writing, and 25% on editing. 

 Read the requirements carefully.

Not reading the requirements can lead to unpleasant results when you are in a hurry. You can misunderstand the assignment. You should write down the key factors of the prompt to return to them later.

Spend some time on research

 You can’t write anything good without knowledge about the topic. So spend time researching. After that, organize the sources you have and make notes. You should know and understand what you are going to write about. 

Formulate your thesis

 So it’s time to start writing; the first thing you create is your thesis statement. It is a key to a successful paper. Without a clear thesis, a paper risks being weak and unfocused. Think about your main argument and formulate it in one clear sentence. After that, please write it down and keep it in front of you to keep close to your topic. 

The next step is to brainstorm

Spend about half an hour writing down ideas, notes, and some examples that can be helpful. Keep in your mind all the ideas, and only when the brainstorming is over sort them. 

Prepare a detailed plan for your paper 

Such a plan should include everything you want to write in each part of your essay. For example, how you introduce the theme, your thesis, arguments, points you want to highlight, supporting evidence, etc. The result will be a detailed plan, and you will have to elaborate on each point to get a paper.

Be concise

Write your essay without long-winded phrases to achieve the word count needed. Your professor will see it, and it might lead to a worse grade. Short and simple sentences are good. It is a sign of thinking that eliminates unnecessary details.

Have a rest before proofreading

After you have finished your paper, you should have a break. It is significant because you might be exhausted, and you can miss a few mistakes. There could be many types of rest. For example, if it is late, you can go to bed and sleep for and few hours. Then you can wake up earlier in the morning to proofread the paper. But if you want to finish the essay as soon as possible. You can have half an hour’s rest and start proofreading. 


When you have a few hours to complete a paper, you will likely make mistakes that can decrease your chances of receiving a good grade. Check your formatting for compliance with your guidelines and formatting style. Avoid passive voice because it makes speech lifeless and hard to read. 

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