Medium Volatility Slots Explained

Upon entering a casino, one might first see a line of occupied slot machines. The cacophony of noise from slots at land-based casinos can certainly be overwhelming, especially at large establishments, where one could even find thousands of devices. So many people are opting to try their luck at online establishments. In the information era of the 21st century, online presence is growing. And the gambling industry has certainly caught up. Online slots and casinos are all the rage nowadays.

When playing slots of any kind, there are some things you must keep in mind. Primary among these is the volatility of the game you are playing. For the unaware, volatility is a term that describes the frequency with which a slot pays out. There are three degrees of volatility: low, medium, and high. Today, we focus on medium volatility slots. Games with medium volatility pay out with less frequency than low-volatility slots. However, they also give out a higher reward. Yet, the reward is lower than when playing high-volatility games, but the games pay out a lot more frequently. For anyone interested in trying their luck, real money slots with medium volatility can be found on review sites like

Medium Volatility vs. Low Volatility

Low volatility is a term used to describe slot games that pay out frequently. However, the price is not all that high. These games are excellent for new players who have a limited amount of experience. They are fantastic gateways for anyone looking to try their hand at playing slots online. However, what happens when players get the hang of the games? Some remain comfortable playing low-risk/low-reward games. On the other hand, some would prefer to push the boundary of their luck.

While you are likely to find that the highest-paying casino games tend to have higher volatility, it is better to work yourself up to them rather than dive into these games unprepared. Rather than jumping headfirst into high-risk, high-volatility slots, bridging the gap with medium slots is much better. Medium-volatility slots usually have significantly higher rewards than low-volatility slots. They also pay out a bit less frequently. However, the rewards do somewhat make up for that. So, now that we know how medium volatility compares to low volatility, the question remains; how does it compare to high volatility?

Medium Volatility vs. High Volatility

As we already stated, high-volatility slots tend to pay out infrequently. However, the trade-off is that they have the highest reward. In other words, high-variance slots are excellent for any player willing to take a significant risk. So, if you are such a player, stick with the high-risk/high-reward games. However, if you prefer to play it a bit safer and still keep the relatively high reward, try your hand at a medium-volatility slot. Medium volatility, coupled with frequent payout slots, is perfect for those looking for a bit of a risk for a higher reward. The prize may be lower, but so is the risk.

Excellent Medium Volatility Slots to Check Out

Finally, look at a few medium-volatility slots worth checking out online today. Thanks to the rapid surge in the popularity of online gambling, slots with medium volatility are not hard to find. However, we would like to list just a few of the best in the medium to help you find the best game for you.

  • 9 Masks of Fire: Heavily inspired by the mythology of Africa, 9 Masks of Fire is an excellent slot. The medium volatility is paired with an RTP of 96,24%, meaning the game will pay out $96,24 for every $100 wagered. With 20 different ways to win and a maximum reward 2000 times higher than your original wager, 9 Masks of Fire is one of the best medium-volatility slots you can check out right now.

  • 9 Pots of Gold: Gameburger Studios’ 2020 release is easily one of the best options for any fan of medium-volatility slots. With an RTP of 96,24%, 20 different winning combinations, and a maximum prize 2000 times higher than your wager, 9 Pots of Gold is an excellent choice for anyone.

  • Dragon Dance: In 2016, Games Global brought us the Dragon Dance slot. And while the maximum win isn’t as high as 9 Masks of Fire, Dragon Dance provides players with over 200 possible winning combinations and an even higher RTP of 96,52%. Chinese history and culture are the main inspiration for this game.

  • Wolf Gold: Released in 2016 by Pragmatic Play, Wolf Gold remains one of the most popular and beloved online slots in the world today. Wolf Gold: One of the best-known and best-regarded medium-volatility slots, Wolf Gold pairs its variance with an RTP of 96%. While a bit lower than the games above, this slot makes up for it with its substantial maximum win, 5000 times higher than your initial wager.

This article was written in collaboration with casino online experts.

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