Most Unexpectedly Romantic Cities in Europe

Certain spots have gained notoriety for the sentiment. Furthermore, many of them unsurprisingly turns out to be in Europe. As you can imagine, it is hard to find a person who doesn’t immediately think of Paris and Venice. However, outside these dearest urban communities lies a wonderland of tempting places that can play the part just as well, and some even boast much smaller crowds.

Since we’re are all about spreading the love and affection, here are our top picks for the most heartfelt romantic getaway to Europe.

Oslo, Norway

With its blend of comfortable bistros and social pursuits, Oslo is not difficult to revere. Do you seriously need persuading? Put your focus on the Norwegian Public Drama and Expressive dance, or visit Vigeland Park. Plus, the cool temperature is a welcome reason to cuddle with your darling. Norway is famous for its stunning nature, so make sure to add hiking to your itinerary – the panoramas are among the most stunning in the world.

Copenhagen, Denmark

With regards to Copenhagen, love is consistently all around. Beautiful trenches and cobblestone roads make an absolutely charming setting for a trip with your partner. You’ll find acclaimed top-notch foundations and all-around planned digs like SKT.PETRI.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

When you think of Ljubljana, the pictures of evening picnics, slow strolls along the riverfront holding hands with your better half, and horse-drawn carriage rides don’t immediately come to mind. But it really really should! It ought to! All of these exemplary romantic comedy activities can be found in the Slovenian capital.

Gdansk, Poland

Abandon Warsaw for the casual energy of Gdansk. Nestled on the Baltic coast, this less popular destination is nevertheless a great choice for a romantic getaway. Go through your days, tasting the local cuisine and appreciating the landmarks. In the temperament for some out-of-this-world canoodling? Think about a twist on Golden Sky Koło Widokowe. At night, the smooth hints of the musician are perceptible all through the city.

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