Netbase Quid: Consumer and Market Intelligence Platform

As the world becomes increasingly digitized and globalized, customer behavior changes rapidly; what customers buy in one country will often knock on demand in another.

That’s why Netbase’s QUID platform is critical for understanding how global consumer behavior is shifting and shaping the future of marketing communications to help you respond to changing market dynamics faster.

As your partner in understanding the desires and needs of traditional and emerging markets, Netbase is a plat for synthesized to be synthesized and harvested so that you can deliver more brilliant campaigns more rapidly. With QUID social media tools, it’s now possible to understand consumer behavior globally.

Our research tools are based on data sourced from over 30 leading consumer intelligence providers worldwide that cover over 120 countries and territories. Our proprietary algorithms draw on thousands of sources and data sets across the globe to deliver a ground-breaking level of detail that only Netbase has access to.

As our previous research has shown, companies that can gain a deeper understanding of global consumer behavior will be able to forecast better sales and marketing campaigns, which in turn will make for better financial results.

QUID is focused entirely on consumers: we don’t bother with companies or the media, so you can use all of our tools without worrying about the differences between these two types of organic entities. If you’re concerned about how your competitors are doing things, QUID is the solution; if you want to understand how your consumers react to changes in their economic environment, QUID is your best bet.

QUID allows you to access our global data networks, which encompass over 3.5 billion individuals in the world’s largest nations. You can combine and compare this information with our other products, such as Media Exposure Database and Brand Exposure Database, to better understand what your consumers are doing.

QUID is delivered via a powerful cloud-based software platform, which means it will work for you even if your organization is distributed worldwide. Netbase’s QUID has been translated into numerous languages to allow for ease of use in countries with different cultural outlooks.

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect from using Netbase to understand global consumer behavior better:

  1. Understand How Your Consumers Respond to a Change in National Economic Conditions.

QUID gives consumers a voice in the global economy, whether in emerging markets or established power centers.

When consumers feel nervous about the world economy, they will be more price-sensitive and likely to substitute products with a more stable value for those with a more erratic value. With QUID, you can dig deeper into where this change is occurring and how it is playing out differently from country to country.

  1. Understand Consumer Behaviour Across More Than 30 Nations and Territories in the World’s Biggest Economies.

Netbase’s QUID social media tools provides detailed insight into what consumers in the US, UK, and Germany are doing compared with consumers in Mexico, Brazil, and China. You can see how the purchasing behavior for a particular product or service will shift – or not shift – if GDP in different countries reverses course.

  1. Collect Quality Data on Consumers Without Selling Advertising Inventory to Third Parties.

With QUID, you can easily use Netbase’s data to create your consumer intelligence reports – for example, looking at how product and service preferences shift as conditions change.

You can access over 300 international databases that record our robust algorithm for synthesizing data for you – in the UK alone, we have 25 billion unique entries on our customers and their communications.

QUID is our answer to the need for marketers to have a global brief from which they can build strategies and campaigns.

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