New hobbies: what hobbies have become popular in 2022

Creative trends change every year – some hobbies often replace others. In the article, we will talk about what hobbies have become popular in 2022.

Sup surfing

In the first place, among the popular hobbies, especially in the summer season, is stand-up surfing. In another way, it is also called Supboarding. Sup is an enlarged board made of a special material that resembles a surfboard. Only it is larger and the material used in its manufacture is different. In order to move on it, a special paddle is used. Today, SUP has spread all over the world, although initially, the creators did not even imagine that this hobby could become so popular.

House plants

Growing indoor plants is the most popular hobby that remains relevant at all times. Some grow microgreens for sale, some collect succulents, and others simply collect the flowers they like the most. Such a creative activity will not require a lot of space. It is enough to empty the balcony or organize a small magazine – and voila, you can start! If you approach the matter with all seriousness, you may well be fascinated by the search for new rare items for your personal collection, as well as communication with like-minded people on forums or thematic meetings. And, perhaps, even this business will develop into professional plant breeding for subsequent sale.

Digital Goods

In 2022, among the creative trends, we have to say about the professional production of digital goods. This area is moving forward by leaps and bounds. If you are an expert in some field, then it is quite possible that you are already eager to share your accumulated knowledge. Teaching people who want to learn a new business has become easier – you can record a video course that will help beginners come to their first successes. It doesn’t matter if you sew things to order, do scrapbooking, knit, or draw – all your experience right now is needed by someone who is taking the first steps in this business. Masterclasses and various applied information products are the most popular today. If you have something to share, perhaps this kind of digital hobby is for you.

Household products

Without a doubt, the manufacture of carpets, and various wooden furniture – tables and chairs, plant stands, etc. are especially popular today. This hobby is more relevant for those who have the opportunity to place a workshop in a separate room. Such a business will require not only a fairly large number of tools but also the presence of space to work. The working area should be, first of all, comfortable for you. Otherwise, a new hobby is unlikely to bring much pleasure.

Needlework kits

Over the past year, the popularity of ready-made kits for creativity and needlework has grown. For example, kits for making candles to order, soap making, beadwork, embroidery, epoxy resin products, etc., are in demand. Moreover, such ready-made kits are popular not in different countries. Starting a new hobby is nice to get a ready-made starter kit and not bother with where you can find each individual tool. Again, if you are already an expert in a certain creative niche, you can share your knowledge and start a similar unusual hobby. It, moreover, can bring you a good financial return over time.

Board games

In 2022, interest in board games has grown. Moreover, not only the games themselves are popular but also watching programs where famous people meet and play interactive board games together. In general, board games rule, so you might as well start developing a new board game. Why not a new hobby? Of course, this is an activity for very creative people who are interested in such a niche. Some people prefer board games – online games. For example, you can choose casino games, where you can also get an online casino bonus.


Jewelry making remains one of the hottest niches in 2022. It can be wooden items or items made of glass, beads, and seed beads – the imagination is not limited.

Monochromatic neat work, soft round, and oval shapes are in fashion. Also popular are rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces made of epoxy resin with dried flowers.


Pottery is quite expensive in terms of firing. However, if you have a pottery studio with a special oven near your home, you can try your hand at a new business. Handmade products, such as plates, planters, mugs, and other household appliances made in the author’s style are highly valued today. In addition, pottery will help you relieve stress, however, like any other calm hobby that requires perseverance and attention that arouses your interest.

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