Questions to ask State College home painters before hiring them

A basic can of paint has the power to completely transform your house by bringing life to drab facades and rejuvenating worn-out, outdated surfaces. However, in the wrong hands, it merely makes your home appear messy.

Thorough study and a strict vetting procedure are required to get the best painter. Asking the correct questions is also beneficial. Before choosing State College home painters, ask them the following questions:

Concerning the preparation

You will find that every prospective painter would concur that preparation is the most crucial step in the process. Any future home painters in State College should be able to explain in detail the type of preparation they suggest for your work and why. Look for professionals who can handle your home’s various surfaces and parts, such as trim vs. siding or walls. If you want nicks and cracks filled, do they ask you? Do they identify any accumulated places that would require removal? Ask them whether they have a backup plan in case their initial preparation falls short of your standards.

The workers

Please find out how State College home painters train their employees. Many businesses provide their staff with little to no training. A company that can provide specifics on the training it gives its staff members reveals that it has invested in these people to ensure high-quality work.

Concerning safety

Inquire as to what background checks their personnel undergo. Keep an ear out for any mention of drug tests. You do not want someone who has been drinking to stand on a ladder. Finally, if your home has lead paint, you want to know that workers are tested for lead exposure to ensure that safety steps are done.

Regarding the type of paint

2019 saw a $312,400 median home price in State College, Pennsylvania, 1.3 times more than the $240,500 national average. More individuals are thinking about the quality and longevity of the paint.

Pay attention to specifics regarding the climate your paint will be exposed to. For instance, are you painting over oil paint or applying old horse hair plaster to a floor that receives a lot of activity or a moist bathroom surface? Ask your painter if they have any recommendations for specialty paint for situations like these. If not, why not?

Warranty and liability for subpar work

Inquire about the warranty policy of the business. Sometimes it takes an issue a year or two to show itself. Ensure the guarantee is at least two years long and covers the labor, application, and paint.

Inquire about a time when the home painter in State College made a mistake at work and what they did to remedy it. Even excellent contractors can make blunders. However, you may learn a lot about someone’s accountability from how they correct mistakes.

Poor weather

Find out the company’s procedures for handling less-than-ideal circumstances for outside painting work. All types of weather, including high heat, dampness, or dryness, as well as overnight lows below 35 degrees, might affect your paint job. It is true regardless of whether it rains. Please pay attention to pledges that they won’t paint under these circumstances.


State College, Pennsylvania, saw a 0.045% gain in population between 2018 and 2019, up to 42,275, and a 2.29% increase in median household income, from $33,244 to $34,005. As a result, the need for home painters has gradually increased along with the rise in population and median family income, creating more competition between them. As a result, they are committed to satisfying their clients.

It’s critical to inquire about the painting process once you’ve chosen the ideal contractor to know what to expect and how it will turn out. Keeping in mind the above questions for reference will help you immensely.

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