Raise Money With Casino For Your Booster Club

Gambling-style fundraisers like a casino night are highly profitable for non-profit organizations. Guests will exchange their tickets for chips at gaming tables where betting limits and chip values are set by the committee.

While Central Florida is 2,000 miles from Vegas, your fundraiser can still feel like high rollers with the help of our experts. To maximize fundraising, consider adding on several revenue streams. For more information check this site – themoonlightersguide.com.

Table Sponsorship

For non-profit organizations, a casino fundraiser can be a profitable way to generate revenue. Since gambling is involved, there are a few legal issues that must be considered. However, with some careful planning and by following a few simple tips, your booster club can host a successful charity casino night that will meet all federal and state laws governing charitable gaming.

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One of the most effective ways to maximize fundraising is by selling table sponsorships. Find a local business or individual to sponsor each gaming table at your event. Table sponsors are able to invite eight guests and will receive a printed recognition sign on the table.

Your booster club should encourage table sponsors to donate non-monetary prizes for winners of the casino games. This will not only boost your fundraising capabilities, but it will also help your sponsors promote their business. For example, a blackjack table sponsored by a dentist could give out free toothbrushes with the sponsor’s logo.

Food & Drink

A Booster Club Casino Night fundraiser is a great way to raise funds for your school or team while providing guests with a fun evening of games and food. But be sure to consider your legal obligations in organizing this event. There are gambling laws that need to be taken into account that apply to these types of events and failure to comply with them can land you, the organizers, donors, or attendees in hot water.

Having food available to your guests during the evening is always a good idea for any party and a casino event is no exception. You can offer dinner for an additional cost that will generate revenue and increase your total profit. You can also sell additional chips (often referred to as “Fun Money”) during the event that your attendees can use at the tables. Offering different amounts of chips for sale (a $5 donation gets them $1500, a $20 donation gets them a metal-inlay $5,000 chip) is a great way to increase the amount of money you’re raising.


Adding raffles to your casino fundraiser is a great way to generate additional funds. Ask your volunteers to sell tickets throughout the night in exchange for casino chips or a small donation. Then use the winning tickets as prizes at your event. Be sure to include all the details about the raffle in your newsletter and email newsletters, highlighting how you met or exceeded your funding goals.

Guests will be excited to participate in a raffle that includes some of their favorite things. Be sure to have numbered tickets printed for your event. It’s worth the extra expense to have them printed with a stub that is perforated so that it can be easily separated from the ticket body.

Start by drawing up a list of potential contributors, including vendors, local businesses and major donors. Then assign a team member to contact them and make the arrangements for their contributions. Be sure to thank everyone involved after the event, especially your volunteers and contributors.


Booster club casino events are a unique and fun way to raise funds for your group or organization. However, they aren’t without their own challenges when it comes to achieving your fundraising goal. The biggest factor in determining how much you make at your fundraiser is attendance. Getting the word out, selling tickets and distributing chips/fake money are essential to your success.

Sponsoring a table or two at your fundraiser is another great way to help you reach your fundraising goals. Often local businesses are happy to donate items for your attendees at these tables in return for their sponsorship of the table.

Be sure to promote your event in your newsletter, by email and through word of mouth, but don’t forget to get media coverage as well! Put together a press release that summarizes the highlights of the night and emphasizes why you are raising funds. Include details on entertainment, sponsors, prominent attendees and your best auction items. Send this out to your local media outlets well ahead of your fundraiser.

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