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How to Use the YouTube Music App

The YouTube Music app allows you to browse through most-played songs, artists, and music videos. You can search by genre, activity, or lyric to find a specific song or artist. There are also playlists, which provide a ready-made mix of songs. However, YouTube Music’s selection of playlists is far less extensive than that of Spotify or Apple Music. Users can even contribute to these playlists by selecting their favorite artists.

The interface is quite simple. YouTube Music is similar to other music streaming services, but it is based around video and audio rather than text. It also uses a Google search engine to suggest songs. The site’s algorithm is known for making uncanny recommendations. For example, the algorithm will recommend songs based on artists you’ve liked.

Subscriptions to YouTube Music are available on the web, Android, and iOS devices. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up by visiting Google’s sign-up page. Input your email address and mobile phone number to create your account. Once you’ve done this, select your payment method and confirm the purchase.

YouTube Music’s user interface is reminiscent of Spotify, but it is far simpler. Users who already use Spotify will find it much easier to navigate. However, new users may feel like they’re playing a guessing game. The app has a dark theme and three tabs: Library, My Music, and Artists. The Library contains all of your saved and played songs and playlists, as well as your artist subscriptions.


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