Things To Know About Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep groove ball bearings are one of the most widely-used rolling bearings, offering versatile operation at a low maintenance cost.

These bearings can accommodate both radial and axial loads, are easy to install, can operate at high speeds and feature self-lubricating qualities for extended wear life.

They’re the most common type of bearing

Deep groove ball bearings are extremely flexible and widely used across industries. Not only are they highly durable and load-bearing, they’re easy to mount and require less maintenance than other types of bearings.

Deep-groove ball bearings feature narrow raceway grooves, close conformity between balls and their inner and outer races, and thus can accommodate both radial loads as well as axial loads in both directions.

These bearings come in both open and sealed designs, using lithium soap grease lubrication. Anti-corrosion bearings can also be purchased based on customer needs; Schaeffler offers standard cages made of pressed sheet steel marked by their suffix “C”, while customized noise-optimized versions with plastic cages may be requested upon agreement.

They’re easy to install

Deep groove ball bearings can be found in various household appliances such as air conditioners, floor polishers, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, helping them run more smoothly with minimal noise or vibration for an extended lifespan.

Generation C single row standard deep groove ball bearing come as pre-matched bearing sets (Figure). This makes them particularly easy to install and offers significant cost savings compared with standard single bearings with similar load capacities.

These bearings feature an increased number of rolling elements to enhance precision and performance, as well as being built to accommodate higher radial and lower bidirectional thrust loads. Made from pressed steel for durability and available either with open or shielded designs depending on specific application needs, these bearings boast greater precision and performance capabilities.

They’re self-lubricating

Deep groove ball bearings can be found in virtually every electronic device around you, from floor polishers to air conditioners. These silent and reliable bearings offer excellent efficiency as well as long service lives.

Generation C deep groove ball bearings come standard with sheet steel (suffix CN) cage designs; however, other noise-reducing and riveted sheet steel and brass cage designs are also available by agreement for specific applications.

Self-lubricating bearings offer an efficient solution for many applications, whether using solid film lubricant, fluoropolymer or both as the source. However, it’s important to remember that self-lubrication only works so long as there is sufficient lubricant present; once worn out it requires regular maintenance or replacement.

They’re durable

Deep groove ball bearings are designed for fast operation speeds and can withstand both radial and limited axial loads, giving them an expected lifespan that surpasses other forms of rolling bearings. Their low friction torque also lowers operating temperature while cutting energy costs to power equipment like conveyor belts or electric motors.

Deep groove ball bearings are an economical choice for various applications thanks to their flexibility and self-sufficiency, which make them suitable for mounting or operating temperatures of up to 110 degC depending on type, mounting conditions, and operating temperatures.

They’re versatile

Deep groove ball bearings are highly adaptable and suitable for many different applications, from operating at high speeds to handling both radial and axial loads with little maintenance required. Their simplistic design also makes them easy to install and cost-efficient.

These materials are extremely sturdy and possess excellent dimensional stability that allows them to withstand extreme temperatures. Their durable nature and resistance to extreme temperatures makes them the perfect material choice for use in electrical motors, compressors, fans and conveyor systems – as well as being commonly found in household appliances and heavy machinery.

With advances in materials, smart systems, lubrication and sealing technologies and other aspects, single-row deep groove ball bearings will continue to play an essential role in industry applications. Understanding their steel grade and speed rating are important in choosing the most suitable bearing for any given application.

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