Top Batters In IPL Who Everyone Want On Their Team

In the Indian Premier League, the batters are sold at the highest prices in the auctions. They not only help the team put a respectable score on the board and help the team win but also bring joy to the face of their cricket fans. The highest run-getters are celebrated for their outstanding performances and are a reason for the heated bidding fights at the IPL auctions. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top ten batters in the IPL who have dominated the highly competitive league despite the presence of world-class bowlers in the tournament. These players have become household names in India due to their remarkable performances in the IPL and have even carved their path on the international stage because of it. Fans will again feel the thrill of their batting on the next ipl date.

Virat Kohli

The legendary batter, Virat Kohli, is ranked first on our list of top batters in the IPL. He is the highest run-getter in the IPL, with 6,624 runs in 223 matches, and has an average of over 36. Virat Kohli has played for Royal Challengers Bangalore since the inaugural year of the IPL and bats with a strike rate of nearly 130. The former RCB captain has scored five hundreds and 44 fifties in his highly successful IPL career. 

David Warner

Holding the second spot on our list is the left-handed batter from Australia, David Warner.

He has scored 5,881 runs in only 162 IPL matches and has an incredible average of 42. David Warner is the third-highest run-getter in the IPL and currently represents the Delhi Capitals franchise. The Australian batter is recognized for scoring runs at a quick pace, boasting a strike rate of over 140. Additionally, he used to captain the Sunrisers Hyderabad team before and led them to their maiden IPL. Warner has also scored 47 fifties and 2 hundreds in his 14-year-long IPL career.

KL Rahul

The current captain of the Lucknow Super Giants, KL Rahul, captures our third spot on the list. He has scored 3,889 runs in the IPL at a tremendous average of over 48. KL Rahul has played over 100 matches and bats at a strike rate of 136.21. In his 10-year-long IPL career, KL Rahul has scored four centuries and 31 half-centuries. He has been one of the most consistent players in the IPL, and despite the pressure of the IPL team captaincy, he has not let that affect his batting prowess. KL Rahul will try his best to score runs again on the next ipl date.

Jos Buttler

The English limited-overs captain, Jos Buttler, ranks fourth on our list. Jos Buttler has scored 2,831 runs in the IPL and has an average of nearly 40. He has played 82 matches in the IPL and has a terrifying strike rate of almost 150. In his 7-year-long career, Jos Buttler has scored five centuries and 15 half-centuries. In the 2022 IPL, Jos Buttler was the leading run-scorer with 863 runs and equalled Virat Kohli’s record of four centuries in an IPL season.

Rohit Sharma

The fourth highest run-getter in the IPL, Rohit Sharma, holds the fifth spot on our list. He is known for his aggressive playing style and quickly scoring runs while opening the innings.

Till now, Rohit Sharma has scored 5,879 runs in 227 IPL matches. Rohit Sharma bats at an average of just over 30 and at a strike rate of nearly 130. In his 15-year-long IPL career, Rohit has scored one century and 44 half-centuries. Currently, Rohit is the captain of the Mumbai Indians team and has led his team to five IPL trophies. 

Suryakumar Yadav

The Mumbai Indians batter, Suryakumar Yadav, captures the sixth spot on our list. Yadav has played 123 matches and scored 2,644 runs. His unorthodox batting technique has earned him a place on the national side, and he has performed brilliantly both in the IPL and on the international stage. The cheeky batter strikes the ball at the rate of 136.78 and has scored 16 half-centuries in his 11-year-long IPL career.

Shikhar Dhawan

The second highest run-getter in IPL’s history, Shikhar Dhawan, ranks seventh on our list. He has scored 6,244 runs and has an average of over 136. Shikhar Dhawan has played 206 matches in his 15-year-long IPL career and bats at a strike rate of over 126. He has scored two centuries and 47 half-centuries. Although he was highly consistent in the past, his batting performances have taken a hit in recent times. He will try to perform better in the next ipl date.

Kane Williamson

The captain of the Sunrisers Hyderabad team, Kane Williamson, comes eighth on our list of top batters in the IPL. He has scored 2,101 runs in 76 matches and scores at an average of just over 36. Although Kane Williamson is yet to score a century in his 8-year-long IPL career, he has already scored 18 half-centuries. 

Rishabh Pant

The destructive left-handed batter and the captain of the Delhi Capitals team, Rishabh Pant, feature in the 9th spot on our list. Although Rishabh is relatively young, he has already scored 2,838 runs in 98 IPL matches and bats at an average of nearly 148. Rishabh has a batting average of over 34 and has scored one century and 15 half-centuries in his 7-year-long career. Rishabh Pant will be back with his cheeky shots on the next ipl date.

Steve Smith

The Rajasthan Royals batter Steve Smith stands at the last spot on our list. In his 10-year-long career, Steve Smith has scored 2,485 runs in 103 matches and has a batting average of 34.51. He bats at a strike rate of 128.09 and has scored one century and eleven half-centuries.

These players are consistent even in an unpredictable tournament such as the IPL and have scored crucial runs for their teams in high-pressure matches. They can score runs quickly by hitting huge sixes and boundaries all over the stadium and are also capable of mending an innings by building a steady partnership. For their respective IPL teams, they are nothing less than gold mines because of their extraordinary batting capabilities and their ability to judge the situation and bat accordingly. 

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