Top Three Benefits of Writing & Publishing a Book

Have you ever wondered about the potential benefits of writing and publishing a book?

Without a doubt, writing and publishing a book is an amazing accomplishment, and if you were to ask any established and well –accomplished writer about it, they would tell you straight off that it is difficult to put a price tag on the feeling that you get when your book reaches the bookshelves or get published on Amazon – if you opt for self-publishing.

Besides the amazing feeling of accomplishment, there are other potential benefits that make publishing a book a worthwhile experience.

For obvious reasons, writing a book is not easy; it will take time, effort, and money to publish your book. But in the bigger picture, all this hard work and effort is absolutely worth it. When writing a book, your typical option is to choose between fiction and non-fiction.

You might as well want to know how to write a poem – if poetry speaks to your heart. Whatever literature you like to read, you can start writing now and discover who you are along the way.

Nonetheless, here are top three benefits of writing a book:

Generate Passive Income

The first potential benefit we will discuss is that once you have written and published a high-quality book, it will become a source of passive income. In other words, you will earn passive income from the royalties of the published book.

Of course, you won’t get rich overnight – we really need to debunk this myth – even if you succeed at writing a best-seller, you will not get rich overnight. All good things take time.

But another huge misconception that needs to be challenged is that books don’t make money and that writers lead a poor lifestyle. None of this is true. If you do everything the right way, such as do your research, identify the target audience, and write a high-quality book – success and money are natural to follow suit.

This aspect is specifically true when it comes to self-publishing. With self-publishing, you have the chance to make loads of royalties from your self-published book. And the best part is that you can set the entire self-publishing thing at once and get your book written and published.

Once you initiate the sales cycle by self-publishing your first book, you will continue making royalties – one month after another. And trust us when we tell you that loads of self-publishing authors out there make a lot of money.

Writing as a Skill

Once you sit down, roll up your sleeves, and actively decide to do the hard work and write that book – you will be gaining something else as well – a new skill set. If you think about it, this is like an amazing process – the act of going through the process of writing and publishing a book.

While going through the process, you can learn so many skills – so let us look at the potential skills you can learn.

  • Project management
  • Accountability
  • Writing skills
  • Setting and reaching goals
  • Planning and so much more.

Once you are equipped with this kind of skill set – who can hold you back from exploring other areas that you might be good at? Besides, using this skill set, you can carry the acquired skills over to other areas of your life.

Another great thing about going through the entire writing and publishing process is that you accomplish a thing that you used to see as kind of impossible. This is specifically true for newbie writers who have loads of self-dialogue going on that is replete with self-doubt.

Before the start of the writing process, many people believe they won’t be able to complete a book or the first manuscript. Usually, this happens when you reach the middle of the book and feel like you are going nowhere with the book.

The key is to keep going and writing – set some fixed hours each day that are dedicated to writing alone. Once you do that, you kind of kick into a routine where you know that you have to dedicate a certain set of hours to your writing.

Once you have completed the manuscript and have professional proofreaders and editors go through your book, you will know so much more about book-writing and publishing than anyone else out there who hasn’t done it yet.

That said, apart from allowing you to develop skills, writing and publishing your book will also boost your confidence and make you realize that things are only accessible after you start putting in the hard work and making an effort to reach your goal.

Once you successfully get your first book out in the world, you will start to look around and see that there are so many other things in your life that you can explore and try to accomplish. So, not only will it open up your mind and enable you to see possibilities, but you will also stop delimiting yourself.

Make an Impact

How do you see your book? It is your baby – but only better. Your book will be a piece of you that will live on forever. You will feel joy, excitement, and a sense of pride when you hold your book in your hand for the first time and realize that this is something you have created.

And the book is there to stay – long after you pass on to the hereafter, your book will continue to live, and people will continue buying it, reading it, and referring the book to their friends and family. Despite the fact that we live in a digital world where people are overly-engrossed in their phones and other tech gadgets, having a self-published book is nothing less than a treasure.

You might want to see your book as something that represents a meaningful impact – it sort of becomes your legacy, and your book will keep helping people, guiding them, providing them with the information they are looking for – even long after you are gone from the earth.

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