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Kickass is a comic book series written by Mark Millar. The comic book is published by Marvel and Icon Comics. It features a teenage outcast who becomes a super hero. Initially, the character is inspired by heroes from comic books, but soon he becomes a vigilante. Despite this, he doesn’t indicate any immorality in his actions.

The Kickass franchise consists of two movies. One is based on the original comic series and the other is a sequel. Both films are black comedy superhero films, adapted from the graphic novels of John Romita, Jr. and Jeff Wadlow. They were released in 2013, and the second film earned a mixed review. On a $30 million budget, the movie grossed $60.8 million worldwide. However, it received negative reviews in the United States.

Kickass is a vigilante who fights crime. He is a teenage outcast who is forced to take up a new role when his father gets arrested for a crime. When his father tries to convince him that he’s a thief, he finds a costume he recognizes from comic books. Dave Lizewski / Kick-Ass is hired as a member of a vigilante team called Justice Forever. His first mission involves brutally ambushing young graffiti artists. After defeating the graffiti artists, he takes down a human trafficking organization.

Another comic book villain, Red Mist, resembles Kick-Ass. He is also rich and plans to travel the world to learn martial arts. Unfortunately, his trainers are a bunch of clones. They rip off Batman Begins. And after an argument, he is forced to give up his plans.

After being stabbed, Michael Lizewski recovers in the hospital, where he receives intense physical rehabilitation. This makes him almost immune to conventional beatings. As a result, he starts training with the villain Hit-Girl. In his first adventure, he battles thugs and a super-villain. Later, he meets Big Daddy and his Ax-Crazy daughter, Hit-Girl. She offers him training from hell.

Chris D’Amico, the main antagonist of the second film, is inspired by villains in comic books. In fact, he even takes up the mantle of “The Motherfucker.” But as a result, his upbringing as Hit-Girl has damaged his mind. At one point, he attempts to rape Night Bitch.

In the third volume of the Kickass comic series, Dave Lizewski / Kick-Ass tries to get out of his role as a vigilante. To do so, he decides to join the police force. However, his efforts end up as a YouTube video internet sensation. That’s when he regains his love for comics. Eventually, he re-enlists in the superhero team and resumes his role as Kick-Ass.

Dave’s love for comic books continues to inspire his action. In addition, his father’s death makes him want to do whatever he can to help. During his visit to his father’s funeral, he discovers that he’s a superhero. Since then, he’s been moonlighting as a super hero.

Although the Kickass franchise is not owned by Marvel or DC, it is still a relaunch of the superhero comic. Hundreds of other superheroes have been inspired by the character. Some of them have even cosplayed or dressed up as a version of Kick-Ass.

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