What Are The Easiest Ways To Write A Complete Essay?

An essay is an effective way to judge the strength of critical thinking and the ability to write. It is why; it has become important for academic writing!

For many, student essay writing is a really enjoyable activity. They find it easy to put all their experiences and other facts on paper while writing! But, it does not always remain the same. When you get admission to higher classes, essay writing becomes a challenging and daunting activity. So, the question arises of how to write when there is no universal template to write a college essay.

We understand your problem, and here we are to help you out in your hour of need. It will help if you practice sharpening your skills. Once you have command over the basic writing skills and have enough knowledge about the topic, you will not take long hours to compose the essay! Here we have a few writing strategies every student can follow to write easily and effectively!

Easy Steps To Complete An Essay

Essay writing is not as easy as many students think it to be. The students need to understand the topic and get complete information about it before they sit for the exam and start writing. Also, planning is a key factor that makes your writing worth reading and impressive. Above, practice will polish your skills and let you craft excellent quality essays within no time. 

But, with a lack of basic writing skills, knowledge, practice, and planning, you may not successfully write what so ever is in your mind. That is why most college students prefer to “buy essays.” It sounds like a great option when you don’t have any writing experience while the deadline is just approaching!

But, if you have time and are willing to craft the essay; here are a few strategies you can consider when you next time to compose the essay for your college assignment. We hope these tips and tricks will be helpful for the students. 

So, let’s get to know those strategies without wasting precious time anymore:

  • Select The Right Type Of Essay 

First of all, you have to select the type of essay you will be composing. Remember that there are different types and lengths of writing. So, before you craft an essay, it is crucial to understand the type of essay. So, to let you understand it in a better way, here are the different types of essays:

  • Narrative: 

You can select this type of essay if you have to tell a story or you will be providing information about a topic. Here you can also put some of your personal experience instead of providing any other information you have gathered during your research. 

  • Argumentative

You can compose this essay if you have to put your arguments on any topic. But, before working on this essay, you must do in-depth research to support your arguments. These are one of the most common essays you may write in higher classes!

  • Expository

If you think you have to define the topic clearly, you can select the expository essay. In this type of writing, you cannot use “I” or “We” sentences. Additionally, you must present all the facts and figures in an organized way. 

  • Descriptive

As the name suggests here, you will explain everything. But, to craft a descriptive essay, you must have creative writing skills. While composing, create a structure and explain every experience, idea, or detail!

If you have basic knowledge about essay types, you can easily create the essay structure and write the essay once you have got the topic!

  • Select and Research The Topic 

The selection of the topic is an important step in essay writing. You can choose a subject to write on by yourself, or your teacher may also assign you a topic. But, whatever the case, you must have a good understanding of the title you will be describing. 

Always pick a broad topic so you can describe everything in detail. Just as selecting the topic is an important step, the research to get the required information is equally important. So, you can visit the library and collect the relevant information or use online resources to find the relevant facts. 

  • Brainstorm the Ideas

Once you have got the topic, the next step is brainstorming. It is a great way to get all the ideas, key points, examples, facts, and figures you need to put on the paper while composing. At once, you may feel that all the ideas are just disorganized and look irrelevant. But, as any idea pops into your mind, just put it on paper, and that’s it! Once you have enough list of key points, organize everything as you need it. 

If you skip this step and start composing without brainstorming, you may lack the quality of your work. Many students do the same; they pick the topic, sit to write, and hope for the best. How could that bring them good grades?

  • Prepare the outline of your essay

The outline is just like the skeleton of your essay. When preparing the outline, you can put all the facts you just have collected in an organized way. In this way, you can use them all in a better way. Also, this organization in your work can impress your teachers and examiners. 

Always put the thesis statement first. Remember that the introduction should be compelling and catchy. Then, put all the information in the coming paragraphs, and never try to define everything in just a single paragraph. 

  • Start Writing Your Essay 

After selecting the topic, brainstorming, and creating the outline, it’s time to craft the essay. Now, as you have the outline, you need to write accordingly. Explain everything as you have planned, and lastly, add the conclusion. 

When you finish the work, take some and read your essay. Proofreading is like a golden opportunity to remove your grammatical and other spelling mistakes. So, avail this chance before you submit your assignment or homework to the teachers!

Basic Essay Writing Tips 

The following are the tips that will help you in essay writing:

  1. Always read and understand the topic
  2. Planning or brainstorming will make your paper effective
  3. Before writing the final essay, you can also create a draft
  4. Lastly, read your paper and try to remove all the mistakes 
  5. Never introduce any new point in the conclusion of your essay 
  6. Always use and cite the resources


How can we write a complete essay? It is one of the most commonly asked questions by college students. Writing has never been easy for any student and has become a challenging task. Students have been burdened with homework, assignments, and much more. So, when students can’t even find the time to sit and enjoy themselves with their family, how could they be creative to compose an essay by themselves?

So, to help the students, we have enlisted a few easy-to-follow strategies that can make their writing journey easier and more effective. Above all, you need to practice to make yourself better!

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