What Makes a Luxury Home Builder Different from a Volume Home Builder?

If you’ve been considering building a home for the first time, you’ll need a proper home builder to meet the needs of your desired home. Building a home is a very large investment and can sometimes be done once in a lifetime, so you must learn more about the two different kinds of home builders.

Before getting right into it, determine what the best type of home builder is right for your needs. Do you require a luxury home builder or a volume home builder? This article will explain the differences between these two kinds of home builders.

What is a Volume Home Builder?

Volume home builders are the type of builders that build hundreds or thousands of homes per year. Compared to luxury home builders, these builders are usually cheaper to hire because they purchase their building materials in bulk. Volume home builders only create from a set house design, limiting the customization and personalization process of building a home.

When choosing volume home builders, you will commonly get offers that include a house and land package that only involves a limited amount of house designs. Although changes may be allowed to the existing floor plan, these are only limited and add to the costs.

The house plans that volume home builders make are undoubtedly well-designed, functional homes. However, if you already have your house design in mind and want to coordinate with someone who can create your plans, you are unlikely to achieve this if you go with a volume home builder. Ultimately, it is best to go with a volume home builder if you are trying to cut costs and are happy with fixed designs.

What is a Luxury Home Builder?

Luxury home builders, commonly known as custom home builders, are the opposite of volume home builders, who build custom-designed homes instead. These custom designs are specifically made and coordinated with the clients to offer the needs and wants of a home. If you want a house that offers uniqueness and is specifically designed for you, a luxury home builder is your choice.

These builders are usually flexible with changes to the floor plans and can adapt the changes to your liking. Luxury home builders only take a small number of clients, so they can focus and provide a better service to their clients. You can communicate clearly with the home builder as a client, getting a more personalized process and high-quality finishes.

Because of this enhanced service, luxury home builders can come at a higher cost than your typical volume home builder. But since investing in a new home is rather large, it’s best to consider the top-of-the-line service and unique design you will get from a luxury home builder to be a worthy expense.

In fact, luxury home builders Melbourne can offer you the best home builder to design your future home if you want a tailor-made home.


While they can be more expensive, luxury home builders offer more head-on services than volume home builders. Instead of getting a house that doesn’t match your design and ideas, you can coordinate with a luxury home builder to make your dream house come to life. A luxury home builder will commit and work to create a detailed and high-quality home that is right for you.





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