YIFY Shut Down – Why YTS and Kickasstorrents Are Better Options

While YIFY has recently undergone a massive shut down, there are other alternatives. Read on to find out why YTS and Kickasstorrents are better options for you. This article discusses these two services in depth. It also provides you with a short overview of YIFY’s recent history. If you’re curious about how it’s done, read on to find out what’s changed since it shut down.


If you’re a seasoned BitTorrent user, you’ve probably experienced sites disappearing from time to time. The disappearance of netlogs website is hardly new, but what was so surprising was the sudden, abrupt shut-down of YTS itself. Its official Facebook page had been active since 2012 and recently celebrated hitting ten thousand “likes.” A message appeared on the page on October 24 saying that the site had been “dosed” and that it would be back in a few days, or a week. That message was later revealed to be a fake, and users were left wondering if the site really is down.

One reason labatidora has shut down is that it’s promoting illegal activity. This can attract authorities to the site. But panoramio leadership refused to budge, despite repeated threats from authorities. This stubbornness has worked for other torrenting websites. It also allows for users to download content from peers on BitTorrent. That means YIFY is facilitating illegal hacking. And it’s not the only reason the site has shut down.


YIFY has been around for a few years, and while its history isn’t exactly rosy, the community has proven to be resilient. While the original site was shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America in 2015, it still boasted a robust user base and a brand name, and has since spawned a number of mirror and clone sites.

However, YIFY has since gained notoriety in the media, which can attract unwanted attention from governments. Despite settling its legal case out of court, the MPAA filed a lawsuit against the site and forced it to shut down its service. After this incident, similar yify proxy sites have popped up, offering a tinypic proxy download option for torrents. These new sites were created to unearth more movie pirates.


YIFY was a group that shared piracy movies. It grew to enormous popularity by providing MP4 copies of movies in small file sizes. These releases quickly climbed torrent download lists and became extremely popular. As the piracy of movies and TV shows continued to grow, the government and illegal file sharers kept a close watch on YIFY. Ultimately, fullmaza was forced to shut down its website, but it was not too late.

The original site was shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in 2015. The group successfully shut down YTS, but a thriving community reacted quickly and started copycat sites. With so many copies available, copycat sites may soon run out of movies to upload. While many users will be left without a streaming service, there are some people who are worried that YIFY has been hacked.

Alternatives to YIFY

You can find plenty of alternatives to YIFY online. The first one is a well-known bit-torrent program, ExtraTorrent. Its simple interface makes it easy to browse and download torrent files. Additionally, it provides a large database of HD content. This torrent site is free and has no annoying ads. The second alternative is LimeTorrents. Both sites provide the same content as YIFY but in different formats.

Another great alternative to YIFY is Hulu. This free streaming service has a large catalog of movies and TV shows, and is constantly updated with new content. Movie4k is a good alternative to YIFY if you’re looking for European cinema and movies outside Hollywood. Hulu also offers classic movies and TV shows. Despite the fact that it’s not owned by Netflix, Hulu is still a popular alternative to YIFY.

Bans in some countries

Piracy is an issue that has been plaguing the online movie industry for quite some time now, but the recent banning of YIFY has finally made the site available again. Sharing recent movies via the BitTorrent network is technically against copyright laws in most countries, although some countries have laxer laws than others. In New Zealand, for example, YIFY is banned. However, there are several ways to circumvent the ban in New Zealand, including using a YIFY proxy.

While YIFY was based in Auckland, NZ, it was banned in some countries, including France and the UK. The owner of YIFY was facing lawsuits and potential fines of millions of dollars, so he was under pressure to settle. However, in order to avoid a costly legal battle and negative publicity, the parties involved decided to settle out of court. However, this is only a temporary measure, as the site is still open for business.

Alternatives to YTS

If you are looking for free alternative to YIFY, then you’ve come to the right place. The YTS torrent website is no longer functioning in some areas. However, you can still watch movies and other content there using various proxy sites. Here are some of the best alternatives to YTS. These sites are free and legal, and you can download movies and other media content without worrying about piracy.


ExtraTorrent is another great option for YIFY lovers. It offers an extensive catalog of modern culture content, including music, ebooks, games, documentaries, and more. ExtraTorrent is still active, and it is one of the top alternatives to YTS. However, be aware that copyrighted content is prohibited in most countries. It is important to note that you can still download YIFY videos from these sites without paying any fees.

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